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M.A.V.O. Headquarters

"Like I always say, there's no news like bad news..."

This site is about MAVO, the Monsters and Villains Organization from the series "The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin". MAVO's goals were to possess the seven magical crystals that originated from the Hard To Find City. With the crystals in MAVO's hands, darkness and evil would fall across the land of Grundo!

We're just getting started with this site. Why don't you take a look at what we've got done so far:

MAVO Icons!
The Official MAVO Member Quiz
The MAVO theme song lyrics.
The Land of Ying song lyrics
Pictures we have made so far.
A MAVO/Teddy related links page.
Rules and regulations accourding to Bognostroclum.
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Coming very soon:

More MAVO song lyrics
MAVO files: Info on members, allies, and enemies.
A MAVO-merged comic! An excellent thirty-some page comic by Barbara! She's close to the end, although it will take her a while to watercolor the panels. Still, this is a BIG something to look forward to!

MAVO HQ: Spreading evil across the land since 8/13/04!
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