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Mademoiselle Vernelt

Mademoiselle Jane Vernelt ran a dressmaker's shop in George Street, during the late 1800s, but in 1892 was forced to sell the business. This was on account of Mademoiselle Vernelt's rapidly deteriorating mental health. The shop was bought by a woman called Miss Bosworth- who just happened to be a psychic.

However, several weeks after the shop had been sold, Mademoiselle Vernelt came back , apparently extremely upset. She tried to buy the shop back from Miss Bosworth, but was told it wasn't possible. After that Mademoiselle Vernelt began to scream and cry, becoming completely hysterical. It seemed as if she had lost her mind.

After that time, Mademoiselle Vernelt made a habit of going to the shop and acting in this bizzare way. Every day she seemed more insane.

Eventually Mademoiselle Vernelt had to be taken into a mental hospital. She was never allowed to go outside on her own.

Some time after her confinement, Miss Bosworth saw Jane Vernelt walking into the shop- and disappearing. It seems her spirit was still attatched to the place.

It didn't stop after her death. Mademoiselle Vernelt was seen many times. And it wasn't always Miss Bosworth who saw her. She would be walking along George Street, with no immediate signs of being suspicioous. But on closer inspection, her face was inccredibly pale. . . She had the face of a corpse.

She was only ever seen by those with psychic powers, but anyone passing her in the street would feel an inexplicable chill. She also frightened any animals she happened to pass.

Mademoiselle Vernelt would always drift down the street and enter where her beloved shop had been. Once she crossed the threshold she would disappear.

Mademoiselle Vernelt hasn't been seen for years, though. Perhaps she finally found rest, or perhaps her spirit has just been worn out through years of wandering.

George Street, where the dressmaker's shop was.