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Scottish Ghosts And Phantoms

Blackhart Tours (The Mackenzie Poltergeist tour people)

Electric Scotland- Edinburgh Graveyards

Hollow Hill Mostly American ghosts, but a good site all the same, and there is some stuff on Edinburgh vaults and Mary King's Close.

Monochrome Images This site has some great photogrpahs of graveyards, not just from Edinburgh but from the rest of Scotland, Ireland, England and France too.

Zombie Nation: Greyfriars One page on Greyfirars and the Mackenzie Poltergeist. (Implies the Covenanters' Prison and the Black Mausoleum are synonymous, which they're not (The Black Mausoleum is inside the Covenanters' Prison).)


These books have proved very useful during the research for this website:

Edinburgh- Picturesque Notes, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Haunted Scotland, by Norman Adams, Mainstream Publishing

Not of This World- Creatures Of the Supernatural In Scotland, by Maurice Fleming, Mercat Press

Ruins And Remains- Edinburgh's Neglected Heritage, by Anne Boyle, Colin Dickson, Alasdair McEwan, Colin Maclean, University Of Edinburgh,*invaluable!*

Poltergeist! A Study In Destructive Haunting, by Colin Wilson, New English Library,*invaluable!*

The Ghost That Haunted Itself, by Jan- Andrew Henderson, Mainstream Publishing

Ghostly Tales And Sinister Stories Of Old Edinburgh, by Alan J Wilson, Des Brogan, Frank McGrail, Mainstream Publishing

Edinburgh- An Illustrated Guidebook (1920), by ??, Ward, Lock & Co.

Scottish Ghosts, by ?? ((The cover's missing on mine!)), Lomond Books

Hidden And Haunted: Underground Edinburgh, by Alan J Wilson, Des Brogan, Frances Hollindrake), Mercat Tours Publication, *invaluable!*

History Of The Burgh Of Canongate (1866), by John Mackay, Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier

Historic Stones And Stories Of Bygone Edinburgh (1924), by Mrs J. Stewart Smith, University Press

The Romance Of The Edinburgh Streets (1925), by Mary D. Stewart, Methuen & co. Ltd.