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Hey, this is Chris, sayin whats up to all the death metal fans in columbia, missouri. The band i'm in is called DECAY. We are currently working on a demo which should be out in a few months. If anyone is wondering about live shows or if you want us to performe somewhere email me or im me: MasticatedFlesh , and ask. -Chris-guitar, vocals -Corey-drums -Whit-vocals HAIL SATAN! Chris Durk is currently working on a solo project, that is also a Death Metal outfit, entitled Mortify. Chris plays guitar, does the drum machine programming, and does the vocals. He will be coming out with a 35 track cd shortly. Stay tuned for sample mp3's from Chris's release......haha. release, " oh release all over my face"

Sample mp3s from Mortify:

• The last conquest of the zombies


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