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The Loch Ness monster mystery has attracted perennial interest throughout the world since 1933 when a local legend became a sensation

. In fact, it was the sensational nature of speculation about what monsters could be that soon reduced the matter to a national joke.

It was to be another twenty seven years before interest revived sufficiently for serious investigation of the subject to begin and as one of the participants, I was pleased to contribute to the
Film Production

The Loch Ness Monster Story

Loch Ness Monster  

The story begins with a Christian missionary's encounter with a water beast, almost one and a half thousand years ago but moves quickly to very much more recent and detailed accounts by witnesses whose sincerity is self evident. It is not generally known that there are now at least a thousand sightings on record. It was upon this body of evidence that active investigations began.

Neither do people realise what a large and difficult environment Loch Ness presents to its investigators. Over 23 miles long and with depths up to 230m, this is Britain's greatest lake. In fact there is more water in it than in all the lakes and reservoirs of England and Wales combined. To make matters worse, the water is stained brown from the surrounding peat bogs.

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See the Loch Ness aerial pictures and Operation Deepscan photographs - scroll down to bottom of page.

The film investigation assesses the classic Monster photographs and follows the fortunes of the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau of the 1960's as they set up their camera stations around the shore. Then, the search moves underwater with the American Academy of Applied Science as they secured the pictures which remain controversial to this day but led to the naming of the monster "Nessiteras Rhombopteryx" the diamond finned wonder of Loch Ness.

At this point, in the 1970s, attention turns to another loch with a monster tradition. It was Loch Morar on the west coast where another expedition was working in the clearer water there. That expedition was my own which grew and returned to Loch Ness in the 1980's as the Loch Ness Project. Here, we used sonar to probe into the deep water and were rewarded by a series of contacts which we still do not fully understand. These led to the largest of all the endeavours in 1987 as the Operation Deepscan fleet drew a sonar curtain down the loch.

In the end, all the anomalies and controversies resulted in a new approach from the 1990s. This was an indirect but active examination of the whole environment and finding what was "normal" in the loch leads to some conclusions about what sort of creatures might live there and where they may be found.

Maybe you will draw your own conclusions of the aged mystery however, but whatever they may be we hope you thoroughly enjoy "The Loch Ness Monster Story"

Adrian J. Shine

Loch Ness Monster DVD Video

Loch Ness Monster DVD Video
Scottish Films. Film Credits

St. Columba
John Shedden
John Claudius
Brian Howlett
Nicholas Nicol
Trevor Nicol

Mike Shand
Morris Angel
Chris Chesney
Tony Harmsworth
John Shedden
Underwater Camera
Dick Raynor
Underwater Camera Assistant
Kate MacLean
George Cocker
Iain Harold
Theme Tune
'Nessie the Loch Ness Monster'
James Alexander
from the album
Scotland's Tranquility.
Cat no STCD001

DVD Producer
Moodi Drury
DVD Director
Chris Stepien

The producers would like to thank

Adrian and Maralyn Shine
Caley Cruisers
Edinburgh University
Lt. Col. A. E. Cameron
Alaistar Grant
Osprey Electronics
Simrad (UK) Ltd.

And everyone who took part in the making of this film.

Technical Info:
'The Loch Ness Monster - Fact, Fantasy or Fiction.'
Cat No. SFDV002
Format: DVD PAL/NTSC - Region 0
Ratio 4:3
Overall runtime 63 mins approx.
Genre: Documentary Non-Fiction.
Language: English.
Availability: Worldwide

Is this Nessie?  A mock up picture of the Loch Ness Monster by Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Scotland

The Loch Ness Monster:

Fact, Fiction or Fantasy?

A Scottish Entertainment Production
In association with Scottish Films

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Loch Ness: 23 miles long, a mile wide and 750 ft deep - plenty of room to hide! For centuries the Scots have an unexplained mystery which has captured the imagination of the world. The Loch Ness Monster or 'Nessie' as it has become fondly known is still one of the strangest inexplicable phenomena in the world today. Some say it doesn't exist, some swear it does and have been fortunate enough to witness it, some think it may be a prehistoric creature forgotten by time. This unique film tells the story of 'Nessie' whilst offering possible explanations, along with interviews with witnesses and even current scientific methods being used to find the truth. This is a fascinating and compelling look at the world's most famous unexplained mystery and the only true documentary in existence.

The only existing genuine TV documentary of the story of the world's most famous monster!
Digitally remastered for DVD with bonus features.

'The Loch Ness Monster -
Fact, Fantasy or Fiction.'
As seen on Channel 4 National TV

  • Archive footage & pictures of 'Nessie'!
  • Numerous witness statements
  • Major research coverage
  • Interviews with experts and dignitaries
  • Stunning aerial and underwater footage
  • Menu section
  • Total runtime 63 minutes approx.
  • DVD is PAL & NTSC Region 0 (World)
  • Bonus feature 'Scotland's Lochs & Seas'*
  • Specially commissioned Scottish music
  • Only £9.99

More Loch Ness pictures for enlargement photos.


The Official Loch Ness Exhibition Centre
The Official Loch Ness Exhibition Centre

Adrian Shine
Adrian Shine - Leader of the Loch Ness Project




Loch Ness Monster DVD Video






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Unearthed: the 1936 film that first launched Nessie mania

The grainy black and white images of a dark blob moving slowly across grey water was hailed in cinemas across Britain as final ‘proof’ of the Loch Ness monster’s existence and sparked nationwide Nessie mania that has continued until this day. But in the 65 years since it was first shown, the short newsreel clip of the 30ft long creature, "almost black in colour and very shiny" has proved as elusive as the beast.Now the unique footage - first shown in 1936 - has been found and is set to be screened for the first time on television this St Andrew’s night.Janet McBain, curator of the Scottish Screen Archive, found the 16mm film dumped in an old rusty tin amongst hundreds of film cans passed on to the organisation by the former Scottish Film Council. The short movie was made on September 22, 1936 at Loch Ness by Glasgow filmmaker Malcolm Irvine for his Scottish Film Productions Company. Shown in cinemas around the country in what was a forerunner of Pathe News, with the title: ‘The Loch Ness Monster - Proof At Last’, it sparked the Nessie legend. McBain said: "The existence of the film was well documented at the time but it disappeared without trace and most people thought that it had been destroyed and lost for ever.

"But when the company went out of business in the 1930s they donated all their old footage to the Scottish Film Council. The council, in turn, appears to have dumped it in an old store along with about 20,000 other old cans of films and forgotten about them. "The cans were eventually passed on to Scottish Screen Archive and we have gradually been working through the backlog, viewing, cataloguing and discovering exactly what is in each tin." She added: "The find is even more remarkable because about 15 years ago I talked to a very old woman who worked for Irvine and was with him the day the film was taken. She told me a remarkable story. Irvine had in fact first seen the monster for the first time three years previously but his camera jammed and he only had a few seconds of footage." Irvine spent three weeks at the loch side, working with cameramen Stanley Clinton and Scott Hay, before he got the footage he wanted. Armed with a 16mm camera fitted with a long lens, they filmed the monster on the east side of the loch about 100 yards from Inverfarigaig, opposite Urquhart Castle. On the old original film, Irvine says: "We were so excited and elated when the monster appeared. What you see on the screen lasts less than a minute, but it seemed hours when we were making it. It definitely is something with two humps - that much is clear". Iain McMillan, another eyewitness who appears in the film says: "We first saw its head and neck, then two humps one behind the other, and then something thrashing around behind from side to side, like a tail." When the film of the creature was shown to the Linnaean Society, a body which classified animals, no one could give an explanation as to what it could be. Since 1936 there have been 27 more recorded films taken of Nessie and hundreds of other officially recorded sightings.

Today the Highlands of Scotland tourist board says the pulling power of Nessie is "incalculable" although the monster is a worldwide tourist attraction, bringing over £120m a year into the local economy. The most common area for sightings of the monster is close to the ruins of Urquhart Castle at Drumnadrochit, which now attracts over 200,000 visitors a year. Fraser Cameron, who runs the Drumnadrochit Hotel and the castle tearoom said: "I know a lot of very reliable people who have seen the monster, including a police chief who watched it for nearly an hour. "The monster is the only industry we have in the area and it is growing. This summer there has been no drop off in the number of Americans and Europeans from all walks of life who have come hoping to see Nessie. We are even welcoming Russians in growing numbers and Croatian bus tours". Malcolm Irvine’s film of the Loch Ness Monster will be shown on Friday in a special St Andrew’s night programme, Scotland on Film, at 10pm on BBC Two

(Above text sent in from an unknown source.)

Feedback from Scottish Films Customers

"My family and I love both the films and the music! It's a breathtaking combination! You should feel encouraged to continue your work that way! I'm looking forward to your next production."
Olaf Rehwinkel. Munster, Germany.

Email title: 'Skye - the movie, a dream come true!'
Hello together,
I get your DVD yesterday as present from a best friend.
So I had to watch it in the same night and I was really impressed.
In your movie you take the chance to wake a deep and secret love to your
island. I never was in Scotland or Skye before, but now I'm sure
where I have to be next year! Skye must be the place, where god will rest
when he will visiting his earth.
If I got the chance to come to Skye, it will be the place, where I want to
stay for the rest of my days.
Thank you very much for your work, which is more than beautifull.
I hope you will share a lot of these movies with us.
Frank, Trier, Germany

Have returned from a first time visit to Skye, having been following Runrig and associated bands for the past twelve years,and felt it time to find out a bit more of the culture and people of skye, it did not dissapoint. We stayed at a couples flat in Torrin and spent the week travelling around taking in the scenery, wildlife and the general feel of the island. Popping into a post office in Broadford I picked up Skye the movie on dvd, well not only does the scenery shots make you wish you were back there, the music was absolutely first rate, my favourite being Mary Anne Kennedy, Sein Horo Sein, a very haunting piece fitting the subject perfectly.
We hope to re-visit skye next year for a longer break and are even looking into property purchase with a view to permanent living on this island.
I look forward to carrying on my musical and cultural travel by visiting your site more often and wish you success for any follow up films.
Nigel Hawthorne, W.Sussex

Hi there,
We watched SKYE straight through.
It is magnificent. Well done.
It is excellently professional and the editing is superb.
You have a very objective eye because it all flows so well....and the soundtrack IS wonderful you say on the cover, you can just put it on and listen to it as a music CD
I want to order 20 copies, is that okay?!
Robert, London UK

Well impressed!
Tim, Sheffield UK

Many thanks for my DVD which arrived yesterday. I have house guests this week but will look forward to viewing it after they leave. May I say what beautiful writing the person has who wrote the address on the jiffy envelope - lovely!
Karen, Cyprus

You're incredibly lucky to have spent such a long time on Skye (I can only do that in my dreams!). I honestly really loved the soundtrack, and would like to get to know the work some of the artists more - I love Blair Douglas's music especially.
Debbie. Yorkshire UK

Hey, the film looks fabulous! Of course I watched it last night. The music along with the images are dynamite. Job well done!
Looking forward to spreading the word.
Jeff: Gael Warning. NC-USA

Have you ever seen Nessie the Lock Ness Monster?
Jenny, Sheffield.

It flows so well, its hypnotic and soothing, its so SKYE! I love it..thank you!
Rudi, Mannheim, Germany

I got the Movie two weeks ago, good stuff, my sons got it now, I suppose that means I have lost it. although I did recognise most of it, there where some shots that I did not and some general location data would have helped, but you did explain why there was none.
Don McArthur, Derbyshire, UK

thanks a lot, the dvd has reached me yesterday. Congratulations for the great film...
sincerly yours,
Ralph, Sankt Augustin, Germany

I have been away on holiday and only just had the oportunity to watch your movie from Skye. Thank you so much for sending it to me, it is really a very beautiful piece of work and it shows just how deeply you became a part of the landscape while living there. The film captures the power, beauty and glory of Allah's creation and I was sincerely moved by it. The story you related about the Fairy Flag of Dunvegan also adds to the sense of mystery and power and seems to be a focus for the majic you found on Skye and managed to convey so well in the film. Thank you again for sharing it with me.
Khalid, Cumbria

I have watched your films and thank you for the video downloads that my friends abroad could watch. I am in the Highlands this Summer and I have just witnessed the Loch Ness Monster with my own eyes.
She served us at our table.
Mel Gibson, New York

Bought a copy 3 weeks ago on the Isle, in the Armadale Castle bookshop/restaurant. Please tell me how to sign in to your site. The film is excellent, have bought many over the years from over the world, and the quality has been abysmal, but we have watched this 3 times already! Absolutely superb.
Peter, Essex.