Dr J- Well, Heero, you really fucked up this time.

Heero- *glares at laptop* Go to hell…

Dr J- But don’t worry, you can redeem yourself.

Heero- How?

Dr J- Kill Gregory the Pig.

Heero- ….I’m sorry, what?

Dr J- We have reason to believe he is part of OZ.

Heero- …You should really loosen those glasses of yours.

Dr J- Heero, with great power comes great responsibility.

Heero- Where’d you get that? A half-assed fortune cookie?

Dr J- *sigh* Maybe you wouldn’t be so sarcastic if I named you Shirley…

Heero- ….whatever….

Shortly thereafter, Gregory the pig was lost. Shinji cried, Linc finally found a new pair of shorts, and the G-Boys awoke to a hearty breakfast meal of bacon, and the hearty sight of Heero in an apron.

They finally made it out of Amish Country USA, in the process causing many hilarious hyjinks, parodies, and romantic outcomes.

None of which will be discussed here.

Duo went on to become a business man in Dallas, Texas, where he ranches cattle on the side and is married to 80’s Pop Star Madonna. He plans on inventing the perfect BBQ sauce some day.

Trowa now works as a coordinating producer for X-Men Evolution, and has three cats named Larry, Moe, and Curly. He had a hamster, but it died. Every one attended the funeral except Wufei, because it is supposed that he’s the one who killed it during that game of Twister.

Heero stole Linc’s cat, and hasn’t been seen since. It is rumored he became a male porn star on L1, but that remains to be confirmed. Shinji still hasn’t returned quite yet…

Wufei now spends his time in an apartment in San Diego, listening to Tool and Daft Punk and pissing around EverQuest all day. His spare bedroom contains a shrine to Nataku, Treize, Ally McBeal’s 3rd boyfriend, and Vegeta. He hasn’t seen daylight in 3 years, and EQ is his only means of communication with the outside world. You can visit him on the Karana server where he plays a female High Elf Magician who likes to sell stacks of batwings for 30 pp in Kelethlin.

Quatre died. Someone tripped him at a NYC subway station on the Chinatown Station, and he ‘fell in’. That, or he caught a cold. I’m pretty sure it was Trowa’s doing either way.

Shinji went on to perfect his art skills and work on Card Captor Sakura doujins. Our guy went out to find Heero a week ago, and has yet to send a freaking postcard.

Linc went on to fail her finals. She put down ‘gundanium’ as one of the elements. But they let her pass into High School anyway. Go public schooling.

Gregory the pig has still gone missing. No one has yet to really care.

***…This is what we call, “LINC: 4th period study hall with nuthin to do.” ***


How to say Mission Accepted | and Mission Completed in many languages!

DUTCH: opdracht gangbaar | opdracht volbracht

FRENCH: mission agréé | mission compléta

HUNGARIAN: küldetés hat | küldetés elkészült

ITALIAN: missione accettare | missione completare

NORWEGIAN: oppdrag godtatt | oppdrag ferdig

PORTUGUESE: missăo aceite | missăo terminado

RUSSIAN: миссия принятый | миссия завершать

SPANISH: ok, I admit it. I take Spanish and I have no clue…

SWEED: mission acceptera | mission fullända

Use these to annoy peers… I have, and it works! I even got banned from the 9th grade hall for running up to people screaming the Norwegian one.