Otakon 2004- year of the HUG ME signs

Otakon 2004 was my first con, and wow. Wow wow wow wow. I never had so much fun in my life! I know no one gives a shit about what I have to say (you’re all here for the pics, I know) so let’s keep it short…

Best Costume- Dynasty Warriors GAN NING! Whoa was this guy costume hot. My sister and I spent the good part of Friday stalking him and working up the nerve to ask him for a hug. (OK, it was the only time I gave into fangirlness. But it was worth it! I’d break all over again for Gan Ning!) I’m sure we scared the hell out of him.

Craziest Moment- When seven ten-year-olds glomped my Shishio and wouldn’t let him go for five minutes.

Most Confusing- LARP. Normally, I’m a stealthy ninja when it comes to RPGs. But shit, that game is way too confusing. I was originally going to be Kamatari, but chose Legato after seeing all Tari’s stats were 1’s and 0’s… But any way, I dropped out because the story line was a teeny bit lame (video games vs. Mothers Against Video Games) and I had no clue wtf was going on.

Most Traffic-Blocking- The RK group pic of me, Yumi, Shishio, Saitou, Sano, and Kenshin blocked up the hall behind Registration for 10 minutes o.O

Most Jealousy- Meeting a female Sano who had her aku jacket signed by Lex Lang! *shakes fist* You know who you are!

Most Disheartening- I went to the yaoi doujinshis and asked if he had any Saisa….

Linc- Excuse me, good sir! Have ye any doujins of the Saisa type?

Merchant- Are you kidding me? Girls only like Sano and Kenshin.

Linc- …

Merchant - …

Linc- Fuck you. Now let me buy these four insanely priced doujins.

Most Surprising Moment- Finding hentai in my CLAMP art book.

Biggest Let-down- Only 1 out of the 4 doujins I bought having any shonen-ai in it…

Best Quote- “Dude… I’m not gay or anything, but I’d totally do Sano.” (The fact that this guy was in a Shinsengumi outfit when he confessed it to us made it even better!)

I'm Going to Hell Because- There was a napping Sano, and we woke him up just so we could get a picture (below). Hey, I could have taken one of him sleeping! Now which would have been creepier?

Best Time Over All- Getting up on stage and swinging my chain-scythe during the Masquerade fashion show in front of 300 otaku. Then, after I got off, Yumi and Shishio came on hand-in-hand. Upon seeing this, I ran back on stage, punched Yumi, and ran back off. She chased me with an umbrella. The crowd loved it.

Most Bones Crushed- When I heard ‘KAMATARIIIIIII~SAMAAAA!’, I turned, expecting to be greeted with a camera. What I got was three cameras and one fangirl running 20 feet (I shit you not) and launching on to me. Yep. My first glomp. I can only hope it was good for you too. Certainly was for me. ^_~

I'm so Pissed Because- I couldn't do the OTALUSE! My team won--without me! FUCKING DAMMNIT >_X

Best Three Seconds- Flirting with a zanbatou-wielding Sano on the up escalator while he was going down.

Linc/Kamatari- Oooooh! Saaano! What a big zanbatou you have!

Sano - *Nods smugly*

Memory to Block- Being assaulted by Mooninites.

When I Lost My Nerve- Trying to work up the nerve to talk to the Morbid Prince artist/writer. -_-;

What My Sign Said- ‘HONK IF YOUR COSTUME HAS A HORN! p.s- Please, no hugs.’

My Apologies- To every person I hit with my scythe and the Gene Starwind I couldn’t go out to dinner with ;_;

So here are some pics! If you have any of me (if you don’t realize, I was the Kamatari Honjo with the huge chain scythe) I’d like to see them! I’m sure I look dumb, but what the hell! If you see your pic up here and would like me to take it down, just tell me. (Except for Gan Ning. You’re staying forever, Roawr.)