-Arc Wind: Wind Attack (Giant gull from forth the caster's hands)

-Water Spout: Water Attack (Spiral of water from forth the caster's hands)

-Earthquake: Energy Attack (Energy is transferred through mound in the ground to the target)

-Copy Cat: Alteration Spell (Creates a mirror image of the target)

-Winged Heels: Alteration Spell (Gives caster winged heels for speed)

-Elemental Barrier: Shield Spell (Creates a shield of Ice, Wind, Flame, or Lightning around caster)

-Divine Light: Alteration Spell (Emits a blinding light from caster)

-Divine Dark: Alteration Spell (Emits pitch black darkness from caster)

-Hellsfire: Fire Attack (Gives caster little fire bombs in hands)

-Cure for Life: Unknown Spell (Brings all of casters hate forth to destroy enemy)

-Cure for Death: Unknown Spell (Brings all of casters hope forth to gather energy from deceased)





-Banish Disease: Healing Spell (Cures target of diseases)

-Banish Poison: Healing Spell (Cures target of poisons)

-Elder Healing: Healing Spell (Cures wounds)

-Moon Beam: Energy Attack (Moon Blade emits a beam if silver energy)

-Hail Heaven: Energy Attack (With sword, powerful and speedy rush combo)





-Call of the Summoner: Conjure Spell (Allows a master conjurer to conjure just about anything)

-Star Light: Energy Attack (Star Gazer emits a beam of ebony energy)

-Empty Justice: Energy Attack (Powerful tangle spell; sword creates a pentagram that entraps target)





-Ensnare: Minor Spell (Ensnares target in a web of roots)

-Wicker Man: Conjure Spell (Conjures a giant wooden man for caster to control)

-Solar Essence: Energy Attack (Gathers solar energy from near by plants for caster to use)





-Curiosity: Minor Spell (Stuns target for a short while)

-Transformation (Katsu Technique): Alteration Spell (Transforms caster into a Katsu)





-Skea’s Rebute: Earth Attack (Sends a whirlwind of leaves around target)

-Camouflage: Alteration Spell (Turns targets invisible to untrained eye)

-Blade of the Wood: Earth Attack (Turns caster into leaves; transfers them above target)

-Transformation (Katsu Technique): Alteration Spell (Transforms caster into a Katsu)




-Green Bubble: Minor Spell (Traps target in a green bubble)

-Rain of Hail: Ice Attack (Sends hail upon target)

-Cascading Thunder: Energy Attack (Shoots green energy from fists)





-Crimson Tide: Energy Attack (Wave of red energy spreads out from caster)

-Athos: Conjure Spell (Summons dogs of lightning)

-Call of the Damned: Alteration Spell (Summons Seers)

-Borealis: Minor Spell (Area affect stun spell)

-Ancient: Energy Attack (Massive force controlled through casters body out of a medium)

-Deterioration:  Alteration Spell (Puts target under a spell that makes them out of control)

-Shield of Diamond: Shield Spell (Envelopes caster in a shield of diamond)

-Ephemeral Spell: Unknown Spell (Causes a massive time loop)