Name: Siya Nara
Sex: F
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Age: 14
Blood Type: AB
Eye: orange
Hair: pink & brown
Job: Magician


History: Her family/clan was killed when she was very young. Around this time she found out she gained her power from the deaths of others. After the massacre, she lived with her friend Iito and the elves. Eventually, they began to travel together around the time mage-hatred began. After Iito was captured by the Royal Guards and their anti-mage force, she continued to wander, looking for Iito. Siya was soon caught a number of times and escaped a number of times, to wind up finding Iito in the Big House.

Personality: Siya is a jubilant creature, always happy to be around others. Her mind is quite perverse, however, always looking for a way to find some money and cheat others. Siya can be quite sarcastic at times, and her joking attitude tends to get her into trouble.

Other: Siya uses the Way of Tri (a magical book) to gain spell cards. The cards are scattered all over Xai, some winding up in the hands of pirates and merchants to monks and wizards. Only the person in possession of the book may use the cards. Like most magicians, these spells are elemental in character, and some are downright silly. Unlike most magicians, she doesn't get her power source from nature and the elements. Instead, her power comes from the deaths of others, feeding off their spiritual energy that has been released. Since death is a natural part of life, her power is great and bottled up inside her. This makes her mentally unstable at times, and has been known to become a berserker with extreme power.



Name: Iito Nara
Sex: M
Height: 6 foot
Age: 16
Blood Type: B
Eye: Brown
Orange and Brown
Job: Healer

History: Iito was a part of Siya's clan, and the only other survivor of the massacre. After living with the elves and traveling with Siya, he was captured by the AM, or anti-mage force. He caused riots and uprisings in the prison he had been taken to, so he was soon moved to the Big House, where he eventually met our crew. While in the Big House, he found his healing ability, and helped dying and mistreated mages, which got him into trouble. Not to mention how he’d always fight with his cell mate Yamato.

Personality: Iito is a very sincere person, and loves children, which prompted him to help at an orphanage. His specialty is healing and can sometimes transfer energy from one person to another—this greatly affects his health, and he is sick for days afterwards, so rarely does Iito do this. However, he is quite adaptable with a sword, and becomes a formidable opponent when his friends--especially Siya--are in danger, or merely harassed.


Other: His sword is called the ‘Moon Blade’; a relic Iito hid before the disaster at Tear Island. Iito had been dared by his friends to hide the sword in an old tree. He did so, and amazingly no one figured out it was him. This may have also been due to the fact no one really cared—the sword was supposedly a fake; the real one was destroyed long ago with the Sun Sword during Bloody Sakura. Or so they thought…



Known Name: Yamato
Real Name: Unknown
Sex: M
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Age: 16
Blood Type: O
Eye: Green
Hair: Black & Purple
Job: Thief/Mercenary

Alias: Yamato-sama


History: Yamato left his clan after his father died. His clan believed he was a bad omen, since his mother died in childbirth during a solar eclipse. He left his name behind and adopted the name of an ancient prince. He became a thief under training of Ohlo, who was later killed when Yamato met Tamahashi at the palace. Afterwards, he sold his skills to the highest bidder, killing like an assassin or stealing selected goods. Eventually, he was caught and taken to the Big House for trying to kill Aros out of pure spite.

Personality: Yamato is distant from people, even though he shows traits of leadership. The only person he acknowledges as a friend at first is Tamahashi. As the story progresses, Yamato begins to lighten up, and get even nicer to Tamahashi. It is for this reason that their relationship is debatable. He only ever uses his magic to conjure random items; he’d much rather use the Black Star—a sword of black steel.


Other: Yamato-sama the ancient prince lived hundreds of years ago. He ruled Clubs and is thought to be one of the greatest rulers. He was known to ride through the streets and mingle with the lower class. It was a golden age when he was around; everyone knew his name. However, he died rather young at the age of 28. The national report said it was of a heart attack. Rumors say it was suicide due to unreturned love of the Princess of Spade.


Name: Tamahashi Westfold
Sex: M
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Age: 16
Blood Type: A
Eye: Blue
Hair: Brown & Green
Job: Prince

History: Growing his hair long and dying it has kept the fact he is a mage from his distant father, and hidden it presently from his mother who is still in denial about having a mage child as her offspring. His sister Feine knows about it, and has become over protective of her little brother, even if she herself is a bit snobbish. But while traveling alone--against his father's wishes-- Tamahashi was spotted by an AM agent, and taken to a facility. Rather than revealing he was a prince who was a mage, he managed to write a letter to his father saying he'd be gone for a while on business. This letter, while it reached its destination, got him sent to the Big House for breaking rules. He met Yamato again, restoring their brief friendship from before. After the Mage Wars, he returned to the unhappy life of a prince.

Personality: A sincere, organized, and affectionate person, Tamahashi is a Prince Charming. His only weakness is always worrying about his friends, especially Yamato, which arises suspicions at times. Whether he will ever show his father his mage ears, or what happened on the balcony with Yamato, remains to be seen.


Other: Feine had a crush on Yamato, but it didn’t last once she found out he wasn’t into the whole marriage thing.


Name: Tai'Crea De Seilf
Sex: M
Height: 5 foot 5 inches
Age: 13
Blood Type: E
Eye: Yellow
Hair: Purple
Job: Elf Legionnaire


History: Tai'Crea De Seilf is an elf Legionnaire, one of the most prestigious divisions of the elf army. He had traveled a long distance to meet up with our group, only to give them all, save Keri, the cold shoulder. Tai seems interested in protecting Kerri above all other things.  Unknown to the others, he is her half-brother. He hates the fact that she was raised by humans instead of the elves.

Personality: Tai is quite the opposite of Keri, knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing, as so put Siya. He decided not to tell Keri of their relationship after hinting at the fact she might have a brother. Keri burst into tears, asking why he wouldn’t have tried to find her from the beginning.


Other: Tai has risen in the Legionnaire ranks quickly—due partially to family name and partially to his skill. He gets his name from his noble mother, and his skill from his father who was one of the few elves to be trained by the monks.


Name: Keri Tive
Sex: F
Height: 5 feet
Age: 10
Blood Type: E
Eye: Purple
Hair: Sandy
Job: Circus Performer

History: Keri was a circus performer who threw knives and shot arrows in a little troupe. One day, she wandered off and was captured by AM. After the Mage Wars, she returned to the troupe, then joined up with our group again. Eventually, they came to a monk temple on top of a high mountain where they met Tai'Crea De Seilf, a Legionnaire from the Elf fort,
Fort Skea, as we would soon find out. He seemed to take a liking to the young girl immediately, though we don’t really know why. Another mystery is why Kerri could morph.

Personality: Keri is a happy gung-ho girl, always looking on the bright side of everything. She looks up to Tai’Crea, the elf. She’s also quite certain she’s seen him somewhere before…


Other: Keri gets her agility and eyesight form the elves and her mortality from the mages. She will eventually die of old age, unlike other elves.

Name: Nanashi
Sex: F
Height: 6 feet
Age: Unknown (OLD???)
Blood Type: Unknown
Eye: Red
Hair: Blonde
Job: Deity/Goddess (Siya- ‘And a pain in the ass!’)


History: The history of Nanashi can be found in no mortal book. She may be as old as time, or as old as your mother. Do not let the teenage exterior fool you, she is a being of great power. Some say even the main gods fear her, others say she was cast out of the heavens by them, and still others refuse to believe of the Deity numbered as twenty-one. She has appeared to our group for an unknown reason with an unknown agenda, and still more remains to be seen and remain unknown.

Personality: Cocky, sarcastic, lively, funny, and evil are the best words to describe her. Always with a pleasing smile or wicked grin, she is one Deity no one wants to cross.


Other: Nanashi may be some-what all powerful, but she does make mistakes.


Name: Shinochi
Sex: F
Height: 6 foot 3 inches
Age: 23
Blood Type: Unknown
Eye: Green
Hair: Green
Job: Wizard

History: A wizard and ex-part of the Dragon Tooth Guild, Shinochi's motives are unclear at this point as to why she is helping our group while in truth she could be fighting against them with her guild instead.

Personality: A tough leader and a person who demands respect, Shinochi's attitude just screams 'Wizard'. It would seem she would agree with their views, but instead she has abandoned them. Maybe that cat she always has with her brought out a softer side?


Other: Shinochi may be a wizard, but that doesn’t mean she’s under the same deity they are. While they’re under the deity of power, Ga, Shinochi’s actually loyal to the deity of deceit, Di. Rumor has it they even met one time!





Name: Lothaur
Sex: M
Height: 6 foot 3 inches
Age: ???
Blood Type: Unknown
Eye: Yellow
Hair: White
Job: Wizard

History: A wizard and leader of the Dragon Tooth Guild, Lothaur is a wizard who may nations fear and respect—even though he wasn’t well known of until three years ago.

Personality: A charming personality, but something in his eyes tells you he’s a snake… Also quite the dancer!


Other: Lothaur was actually once a cool guy, unfortunately he got shafted by Destiny. (Tha skank!) He just went a little nuts one day. Something about the planet being fake? What a looney.