Siya Nara was just an ordinary mage, living on an island with her best friend Iito, until one day, her life as she knew it was consumed by flame. Now she’s back, and with a taste for revenge, she has set out to change Xai and her destiny forever. It might even work if she didn't have the attention span of a gnat.

Then again, things about the planet Xai are not as they seem. There is a woman with red eyes and the power of the Devil who has taken a liking to the girl and her fate...

    Prologue - I barely put up a fight when the Anti-Mage Force threw me into a cage to be carried through town to the nearest prison. Fools. I’ve escaped death, and men are nothing to be compared.

    Chapter 1 - “She doesn't need my advice anymore. After a few months, Enu’s really been catching on to her duties as the new queen of Picas. I must return to Diamantes, anyway, before my family starts to worry. Enu’s sworn not to say a word to them, or anyone else about my…” Tamahashi looked down and studied his hand on my chair. I could tell what he was thinking. * I stood up and turned to face my friend. “Don’t do this to yourself.”

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