The Council of Elements:


-Brutal Priestess of Earth Wolf (Uses a Green Scimitar)

-Sentiel Mistress of Wind Dragon (Uses a White Katana)

-Forrath Keeper of Flame Hawk (Uses a Red Broad Sword)

-Sir Ryne Sage of Water Sea Serpent (Uses a Blue Rapier)

-Enthelo Prince of Thunder Lion (Uses a Yellow Bastard Sword) Deceased




The Foreordained: Earth


-Carrie Cleric 18~Half-Elf (Uses a hammer)

-Maroshi Warrior 23~Human (Uses a katana)

-Celintra Magi 101~Elf (Uses a skull-staff)

-Touya Monk 28~Human (Uses pokers)

-Xyo Necromancer Unknown~Human (Uses a scythe)



The Foreordained: Wind


-Saji Shaman 44~Viking (Uses a spear)

-Hrane Warrior 98~Dwarf (Uses an axe)

-Ch’Ne Illusionist 223~Elf (Uses a glass staff)

-Roxanne Mercenary 28~Viking (Uses bastard sword)

-Demitri Black Knight 33~Human (Uses a mace)



The Foreordained: Fire


-Amber Paladin 26~Dwarf (Uses a shield)

-Garmen Warrior 343~Elf (Uses a long sword)

-Moon Rise Bard 77~Elf (Uses a recorder)

-Yasuke Ninja 25~Human (Uses nunchuku)

-Zenthie Voodoo Priest 80~Gnome (Uses a dolls)



The Foreordained: Water


-Moxter Paladin 35~Human (Uses a cross bow)

-Adul Warrior 27~Human (Uses a scimitar)

-Debroth Witch 476~Gnome (Uses a crystal ball)

-Hugo Pirate 43~Viking (Uses a canon ball)

-Eugor Assasin 30~Human (Uses daggers)