Anime Related (Fics, Art, etc)


Digimon Kaiser Yamato- Time to pay some homage to my old fandom... Here we go!


R e d . S e a- Everything Kaworu. (Read Roo's 'Night Song' fic *_* )

Gundam Wing

Original Sin- One of the first 1x5x1 sites ever made

Innuendo- Another 1x5x1 site! It's madness! Madness, I tell you!

Rurouni Kenshin

Kuroiyousei- bf's got more RK yaoi fics than you can shake a stick at =9

Queen Yokozuna's Fan Fiction and Stuff Mostly RK fics, but you can find DBZ and LotR stuff too =D And Shuldig! Shuldig molesting pretty roosterboy x_X *dies happy*

saisa- The place for SaitouxSano fics

Sanotorium Everything Sano-wise in the doujinshi world

Nekkie's Ratnest- Nekkie's fanfic home!

RK Onigokko- Yaoi RPG. That person playing Yahiko is a genius in her own right! *nods firmly*

RK Yaoi Forum- A budding collection of RK yaoi stories.

Just Write- Alet's site of fics (Katsu lover!), poems, and quotes that make me giggle ^^

Weiss Kreuz

White June- Home for yaoi WK fanart & fics. I reccomend 'Raspberry and Lime Shampoo' by Deena (Yohji x Ken)

Farfarello.Org- If it says you're stealing bandwith, just re-type the URL. -_-*

Shuldiger als Sunde- What's Farf without Schu? Just as cool, but what the fuck...

Flying with Unfettered Wings- *cheers* Brad and AYA! Brad and AYA! Brad and AYA! (That's Crawford x Aya for those of you still left wondering)


FireCat Fanfiction- Fics aren't updated very often, but well worth the wait

Four-Pronged Fork- Amazing art

Chusha-Ki- All-around goodie site

Milk & Chocolate- Crazy art site! (Go to links and notice how I'm listed as a fan artist. Positively embarassing by all accounts -_-; )

The Vault- Home to many fics & art from DBZ, Gravitation, GW, etc. (Heero stole Duo's pants, apparently...)

Boys Next Door- Remember the OrangeLipstick chick? I found her XD

Web Comics

MacHall- College life

8-Bit Theater- 8-bit life

Elftor- Elf life

VG Cats- Video game life

/gu...- EverQuest life

Slackers!- The slacking life

Kid Radd- The .gif life

Snafu Comics- The snafu'd life

Daily Dinosaur Comic- The t-rex life

Online Manga

Arcana- Vampires, for the goths in all of us. Now continuing in Prose, but still fun to read.

Your Wings Are Mine- Shounen-ai drama *sniff*

Schism- Very unique style for this sci-fi manga =D You have to check out the outtakes. Priceless XD

Hybrid Genesis- Angels! Gabriel's th' man!

Mission Tranc3- Drugs, violence, beer, and Billie. It's all good.

Video Games

Official Bloody Roar Site- WTF was wrong with BR4!? Let's try... Everything.

Euphoric Element - BR Yaoi- Bloody Roar fics n pics

Guilty Gear Official Site- Hooray!

Dynasty Warriors Official Site- *clap*clap*clap*

Bloody Roar Fanlisting- One-stop BR search

EverQuest- I'm a druid! I'm a pirate!

Red vs Blue (Halo)- Download the movies; they're hillarious

Bloggish in Nature

Ninth Hell- Always something interesting in Hell

destiny- bf's blog

Hermit's Journal- Jadey's blog

Link to Iron Puncher

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