When is this site updated?
Every other week by about Mon/Tue/Wed.

What's the current fic update schedual?
As of Jan 1st, 2005: SAND and burn will be updated. One might be updated three chapters in a row, or it might alternate. All depends on what I feel like writing. Paradise. will be updated whenever I go through a mental breakdown.

What about the other sections?
Other sections are updated sporadically and hardly ever. (Write that one down kids; it's a vocab word.)

How long will SAND/burn/Paradise. be?
Paradise. is about three books, with maybe twelve chapters in each. As for SAND and burn, I have no clue. burn will probably end before SAND will.

Is there going to be a sequel to [...] ?
It Never Rains: no.
Trash: Yes... One to four sequels are being planned out.
Sugar Fantasy: Die.

Will you be writing more Gundam Wing fics in the near future?
Probably not.

Are you planning on writing anything besides Rurouni Kenshin?
Bloody Roar, Weiss Kreuz, Evangelion, Naruto, X/1999, Trigun... All one-shots, if I'm ever inspired =P

Do you have any other sites?
I'll eventually be making a switch over to another server by summer of 2005. At that time Iron Puncher will split into art and writing. Afterwards, a few character shrines may pop up to those under-appreciated fellas I adore. (Buttons on main page anyone?)

Where's the guest book???
I'm too dumb to put one in... E-mail me--I promise I'll reply =3

Can I post one of your fics?

Sure; just e-mail me about it.

What's the Column link on the front page?
Just a link to the food article I write every month for Anipike. Yeah, I know. Seems a little OOC o.@