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..[name]..none ya damn buzness!
..[Age]..Old enuff
..[Sex]..Yes please!
..[Location]..what are u, a fucking stalker??
..[Occupation]..Full time Bullshitter
..[Hobbies]..Fun Stuff
[Bands that I jam on]
Black Sabbath (Gods of Metal!)
40 Below Summer
Single File Suicide (local band)
Bloodroot (another local band)
NEW SHIT: 09/27/2003 - I am currently running a thingy for "TS promo girls". If you are a decent looking female and would like to be a part of this or want any information, email me at the address provided below. If you would like an example of what this is, please click Here. 09/22/2003 - More jokes are up, and I've added a couple that I did personally, so enjoy that shit. Also, the new mp3s are up. If you want a specific one, email me.
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An Equal Opportunity Offender


Well, here it is..My fucking site. Feel free to roam around and explore and have fun. This is MY website so that means I am GOD here! So if you offended by the subject matter here...get the fuck out! Other than that, enjoy and Stay Sic!



More pix on the way..The Chatterbox IS WORKING for those who dont know how to use it..I have no idea when I am getting a guestbook, but if ya wanna comment on the site or just bitch about anything..go to the left where the chatter box is, type in your name on the first column or alias or whatever, then the 2nd box is for whatever you're gonna say..then click the "post" icon then hit refresh. You will see your comment after you refresh the page.


Ok, a new link has been added to the site..Sic Joke PageGo ahead and check it out. I will try to keep it updated as much as possible.Maybe not, cuz I am fucking lazy as hell, but go check it out anyways.



If you're wondering about updates, always look at the "New Shit" section located on the left side inbetween the links.


Ok, Tha Halloween Pix are up in my TS Sik Pix page..granted there aren't that many, but my costume kicks ass! Just go and check it out..and oh yeah, some shit's been moved around, so enjoy it for now..More L8tr


I have just added a newMUDVAYNE page to my site..It's not much, but it's something..Go there and check it out. If you have any other idea on what the fuck I should do..Then feel free to Email me or use my Yahoo account, I check that one more often anyway.


Yet another page has come up. I needed a place to put pix of my online friends so I made a new fucking page at Ts'(SiC)Web Crew..go check it out, and if you're not there, just bitch me out at one of my email addys above, and I'll fix it. Also, I am working on a new Slipknot site here and it should be done in a couple days.


Ok, it's been a year, and I'm off to a good start here. There will be more updates and all that shit to come. I have just made a new rants section of my site, so go and check it out.

Any ideas?

Email me at my address located in the bottom link on the sidebar to the left if you have any ideas that would be able to improve the site or just something you'd like to see.

OCTOBER'S FAN OF THE MONTH!! Jimmy Poopants from Incest, AL enjoys visiting TSdarkdominion.tk when he's not stuck in his crib or dealing with those bothersome toliet-training classes. I guess that's what happens when your mom's still breast-feeding you at 30.

Sick's Babe of The Month!!!

This month's babe for October

Special thanks to Betty in Florida for being a participant in this. If you wanna be a part of this, email me for consideration.



Please right click and "save target as" to download. Keep looking every week for updates.

Next update - 10/07/2003

Sinckwhole - Sodom (Local Shit)

Unjust - Come Feel Me

Biohazard - HFFK

Dry Kill Logic - Get The Fuck Out

The songs will be changed every Friday, so keep looking and checking them out! Just right-click and click on "Save target as". Usual download time per song

1 minute for an average 3MB song on DSL or BB

5 - 10 minutes for 56K dial up.

Stay (Sic) People!!