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The beginning
Our Move to Kuwait
Tuesday, 8 March 2005
The family
Mood:  special

Posted by scary/kuwait-diary at 7:13 PM GMT
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Getting "THAT CALL"
Mood:  surprised
Topic: The beginning

WOW, what can we say. We have been waiting so long to get "THAT CALL" that I think most people were convinced it wasn't coming. Least of all me. I was sure we would still be here for the summer. So desperate to go, and now the realisation has sunk in Im actually TERRIFIED....

We had a busy day on Sunday 6th March. It was mothers day and also mums birthday, so off we went. Firstly to the tip to get rid of a load of old bits we had sorted the day before, and then to get some flowers and off to the cemetery again. Laid the flowers, tidied up again (amazing how messy it can get in a week), said our prayers, laila weeded a bit and off we went again. Did a bit of shopping in Morrisons and home. We were nackered at this point, ready to have dinner and crwsh for an afternoon nap maybe.

THEN........... The phone rang. I picked it up and upon recognising the voice of Mohammed (the guy who has organised all this) called out to Gad to come get the phone. He came down but took the call upstairs soI was non the wiser at this point. He came down after about 10 minutes and I looked at him and said "I don't want any bad news". Gad looked at me and said.... "that was THE CALL baby, the one we have been waiting for. They want us in 4 weeks". We were both in shock and didn't speak for a while.

I wanted to tell the world but when I logged on, no bugger was online and I had to wait till sunday night, at which point I was not impressed at having to wait. I told lisa and the Bonwicks first, and told most other people the next day.

Well this is the start of something huge. This is the intro to OUR MOVE TO KUWAIT....

Log in as often as you can and try and keep in with what im doing. Please leave messages for us to read. Kuwait is a long way off you know. Keep in touch.

Posted by scary/kuwait-diary at 6:48 PM GMT
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