Krystin Byrne

As Stated in the legal mumbo jumbo, this site does not contain any pictures at all, thus voiding any insuing legal acton against my person for the purpose of claiming damages for the exploitation of underage females in accordance with provincal and federal laws.

The first name Krystin could belong to any one of a million girls in the Country of Canada.
The surname of Byrne could belong to any one of a thousand families residing in the Country of Canada.

If you've made it thus far, I give you more credit then you deserve, but this is life and things arent allways fair.
Your daughter is a slut, why do you think the photos in question exist?
You came to my place of residence and you made it clear that you wouldnt give up without a fight, well if you've made it this far then you know this site is here to ruin your daughters life. If i ever see you neer my house ill post the photos up at your work and at her work.
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P.S. Have A Nice Day...