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me and Richard

My favorite baby pix (i was only 1 year old)

Werner, Louis & me

I went on holidays to Cape Town in December 2003 and here we are up on Table Mountain.

me and Werner

Here we are at Boulder's Beach, see the penguins in the background.

me and Louis

We also drove up to Mossel Bay and the water was much warmer here.

Deon, Louis, Thomas, Werner & Hugo

We had a fab day driving to Simon's Town and lunch by the beach.

Werner, Louis & Hugo

Here we stopped to see Haut's Bay.

On the Royal 2003

A group of us went jet skiing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

New Year's Eve 2002


me and Helen

Here we are in Quebec, Canada, at our favorite breakfast place waiting for the best eggs benedict around

On the Star 2002

me, Chris, Tomas, Adrian & Daniela having fun at Island Nite

me and Helen

Classic shot of the 2 of us, in Dominca (I think)

me and Chris

In Vegas

Christmas 2003

Nonna, me, mum, Tereza and Rick - finally all of us home for Christmas.

Pucker up for Christmas 2003

Mattia, Sebastian, Cristina, Stefano and me are mocking Serena.... she's knows why!

India 2001

Yes, it's the Taj Mahal in India, went to visit Rick.

Again in Delhi

Rick had some fun editing my pictures in India.

Dad, Mum & Richard

After 5 years in India, Rick finally came home!

Christmas in New York

A must do on my list!

me and Anastasia

Guess who is who!