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For those who know me really well, you probably also know that I do not have that many interests and/or hobbies (I won't even mention sports unless you want to pee your pants!).  Here's some nice stuff to look at.... a bit for everyone!

bulletQueer as Folk - This is by far my favourite TV show, the American/Canadian is probably know more than the UK version but as it is the original I think the UK version was better to start with, but then you get used to the other one and then just can't stop watchin.... right Werner!?!?!?!:
bullet Queer as Folk HBO website
bulletKeith Haring - Not too big on modern art, but Keith Haring has always blown me away.  Nikki will appreciate this one, right????
bullet Keith Haring's Official Home Page
bulletDisneyland  - One mans gift to the whole world.  If you've never been there don't knock it, it's fab.  Have been three times and the best was the last time I was there with Serena in 1998.
bullet Disney's Official home page


bulletPRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT - Since most of you already know all about the movie, and there is no descent homepage, here is a quiz to see what kind of drag queen you are.
bullet What Priscilla Queen of the Desert Drag Queen Are You?
bulletTRAINSPOTTING - Again not a new movie, but a classic.  Here's a good link and also a quiz!
bullet Trainspotting Home Page and The Quiz
bulletCHARLIE'S ANGELS - Ah, one of my favorites.  Both the first and Full Throtle, a must see.  Thanks Drew!.
bullet The Angel's Home Page

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