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Welcome to my Web site!

Since most of you know that I travel a lot I thought this would be a good way to share my stuff with you

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Where the hell is Kay???          

Not that I'm a computer geek (even though I do love one!) and actually spend all my time surfing the net, but here are some relevant sites to ME!


bullet Where I work
bullet Where I was born
bullet My all time favourite band

January 2004

It's time to go now.  Kay is joining the Coral Princess, hopefully, in Grand Cayman on January 19th (if flight connections and US Immigration permit!)  Her contract should end around July 2004 in Vancouver and again some local leave there to hunt for an apartment.

Photo Album          

Write me!!!!!!          

Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures from my vacations, time at sea and family.

Please write me.... I love getting emails.  I'm not the best writer but I promise to try to keep in touch.  Please don't send that junk mail crap.... it's a bit annoying!


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