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Ok then... more websites.  Not necessarily favorites but some sites that interest me and can give you an idea of what I like and what I do... sort of.


CAPE TOWN  -  I have fallen in love with this city and with

some of the people I have meet from here.  I would like to

share what I have seen and done there with everyone.  If

you ever get the chance, GO!
bullet Visit one the the most beautiful cities in the world!
bullet Kitch Kitchen - The MCQP 2003 party
bullet Want to meet someone nice.....
bullet More pictures of the city



RETRO  -  Some people think '70's and '80's.... and Kay's

name is brought up, why is that? Here's some neat sites I

found reminding you all why this era was so important!
bullet My favorite TV show was M*A*S*H
bullet but I'm sure many of you had other favorites.
bulletMusic, I love disco music and all sorts of 70's and 80's music.


bulletGAY PRIDE  -  I am a rainbow lover and a very proud person.
bullet What sites are there?  Here's a page against gay discrimination
bulletHow about speaking your thoughts, kinda like a speakers corner



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