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Growing up, Martha had always been the one who fixed things. When her parents had an argument, she was the one who made the peace, when her sister had her heart broken, she was the one to muster the parts together and, when her brother went off the rails, again, she was the one who steered him back on course…


“Quick, take this,” the Doctor told her, handing her a small, squidgy object. “And be careful with it.”

“What is it?” Martha asked, pulling a face as it wriggled in her hand.

“The future of an entire race,” he told her solemnly. “Now, run!”


Martha grew up, but she was still the one who fixed things. Every day, she went to the hospital and tried to make her patients well again; and, every evening, she went home to a ringing phone, as yet another family crisis needed her attention. It was what she did best and she loved it. But, sometimes, she wished someone else would step up to help, that they there was someone else to share the load.

And, when she found herself on the moon, running out of air, she got her wish…


“Who are they?” Martha gasped, as they ran down the corridor towards the TARDIS.

“Soldier drones,” the Doctor replied, grabbing her hand. “Which just might save us. It’s the worker drones that you have to watch out for, crafty little buggers!”

Quickly, they slammed through the double doors, and Martha breathed a sigh of relief as the TARDIS came into view. She watched as the Doctor scrabbled for the key, and looked nervously over her shoulder as she heard the soldier drones approaching. “Better hurry up, Doctor.”

“Got it,” he said, and Martha laughed as he propelled her into the TARDIS before him.


Maybe, thought Martha, that was why she said yes. Sure, she still was fixing things, but now she wasn’t alone; she also suspected she may fallen for him a little, on that day… and she wasn’t sure if her heart would ever recover from it.


The Doctor grinned as he examined the little squidgy mass in Martha’s grasp with a stethoscope. “Yup, all the little ‘uns are present and correct,” he pronounced. “Now all we have to do is find a new home for them.”

“Is this really all that remains of a whole race?” Martha asked, a little in awe.

“There are over three thousand tadpoles in there,” the Doctor told her. “It’s more than enough.”


And maybe that was the reason she stayed…that, and the fact he’d noticed her shoes...

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