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Atterbury Job Corps Center, Edinburgh. Indiana

ghostFlare.gif (28306 bytes)Barbara writes, "I used to work there. It was a old WW2 camp before Job Corps was there. I saw a man walking down the dorm hall one night. He was dressed in WW2 era uniform, he vanished through a door. In the same Dorm a clock flew off the wall scaring some of the students. I went to investigate what the noise was about and the girls told me. I doubted the story. I then saw a set of keys fly off the dresser and across the room."

09.20.03: Jennifer writes, "I wanted to add to the Atterbury Job Corp. in Edinburgh, IN. I was there attending school around 1995, I believe it was. I have walked all over the grounds and the campus and the most eerie thing is the church. The church was boarded up for awhile when I was there. A few of us went ahead and ignored the boards over the doors and windows and went in. There, in the basement, was a big hole in the ground and blood on the walls in spots, too. Looks like it could have been used for some kind of ritual as some of


us saw the pentagram and other things. Now, in the dorms I saw the gentlemen that has been described. There were also three ladies that would come to the Rosa Parks dorm. They would never harm anyone and were dressed in Civil War era clothing. I'm not sure if anyone else has heard this, but a few of the teachers there had told us that Atterbury was once an old Indian burial ground before the war.

A few of us did see indian spirits on the campus and you could also hear the beat of an old indian drum but could never find the source. There was also a man in blcak who was always in the theater. He looks to have lost part of his face to a fire as it was severely deformed. There are many things I remember about this place. If anyone is interested in hearing more stories, please feel free to email me. I'd be happy to tell you more!"

11.04.03: Kelly writes, "I was a staff member there in 1999-2000. I saw first hand strange things like people becoming violently ill in certain areas of the old buildings and sounds of old songs being whistled but no one was around. There was also an instance of a dorm room window being completely covered by flies. Some of the buildings I was in, I always felt eyes on me. I've always been leary of stories like this, but working here made me a believer, big time. There are just too many strange things on that campus!"