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All The Stats(Has some amazing stats, and it will also predict what the ladder will look like at the end of the season depending on your tips)

Just when you thought they couldn't get worse...... they have. Our least favourite team the West Coast Eagles imploded on the weekend losing to St. Kilda by a massive 101 points

LAST MATCH - Round 9 St Kilda 26. 13. (169) def. West Coast Eagles 9. 14. (68)

This leaves them at 13th place and only one win from the bottom of the ladder.

STATS Some West Coast statistics

They have the worst first quarter in the AFL this year

They have won only 18% of their games at Football park

They have won only 20% of their games at the SCG

West Coast are the third worst team this millenium, on a games won/lost ratio

Are the worst team defensively in the AFL this year

They once scored only 18 points in a whole match



A Dockers fan and his two Eagles supporting friends drank at the same bar every night after work. One evening, the Dockers fan keels over and dies. The police come and are filling out the report, when one them asks the Eagles fans, "Did your friend have any distinguishing marks?"

One of the Eagles says, "I'll say he did! He had two ars*holes!" The policeman says, "Oh really, and how would you know a thing like that?" The Eagles fan replies, "Because every night when we come in, the bartender would say, "Here comes the Dockers fan with the two ars*holes".


Q. What is black and brown and looks good on a Eagles Fan?

A. A Doberman. .


Q. Santa Claus , the tooth fairy , an intelligent Eagles fan, and an old drunk are walking down the street together when they simultaneously spot a $100.00 note. Who gets it?

A. A. The drunk , of course ; the other three are mythical creatures.