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Movie Rating System

(5 stars):
This movie owns all others. It has all of the elements that make a great horror movie - including suspense, gore, a creepy atmosphere, a good soundtrack, and a practical plot. Overall an excellent horror movie.
Example: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

(4 stars):
Okay, this movie isn't as great as a 5 star movie, but it's still pretty damn good! These movies usually are a big contribution to horror, and while not as good as a 5 are still very good movies that deserve recognition.
Example: Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)

(3 stars):
These movies are usually about average, not too great, but not completely terrible either. They usually contain some stupid plotholes, so so acting, or something that doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the film. They are about your average Joe.
Example: The Amityville Horror (1979)

(2 stars):
This movie pretty much sucks. It has bad acting, a bad story, pointless murders, unneeded plot twists, or just an awful script. They may rarely have a couple of nice things about them but other than that they're not too good.
Example: Boogeyman (2005)

(1 star):
This unfortunately is the low of all lows. This movie sucks terribly. The acting is unbearable, the plot is some rehashed junk, the script is just awful, and the movie builds absolutely no tension or suspense whatsoever. Half the time you're most likely laughing at this piece of garabage. You'll find very few of these on my site because they're so bad I don't even care to give recognition for them.
Example: Bloody Murder (2000)

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