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Carrie (1976)

Carrie (1976)

"It was bad Mama, they laughed at me." -Carrie

Carrie is another horror classic that still holds it's ground. It's about a teenage girl named Carrie (who'd a known?) who is tormented constantly by her peers, mostly the popular bitches at her high school.

Carrie, naive and religious, has her first period in the shower in the girl's locker room after PE. Thinking she's bleeding to death, Carrie freaks out, and all the girls make fun of her, throwing tampons and sanitary napkins at her, screaming "Plug it up, plug it up!" (pretty brutal, huh?).

Her gym teacher sends her home, and when Carrie's mother finds out she had her period, she locks her in the closet and forces her to pray, thinking that she has sinned. (Might I add that Piper Laurie plays the mother very well and very creepily). Among the girls who made fun of poor Carrie, Sue Snell actually feels bad for what she did. On the opposite side, the bitchy Chris Hargensen continues to torment Carrie as usual, mostly because she is pissed off because now she is forced into an after school work out session every day with the gym teacher, and then she is denied her prom tickets for smart mouthing the her. Throughout this, Carrie is discovering she has the power to move things with her mind, known as "telekenesis" and begins practicing on objects in her bedroom.

Out of the goodness of her heart, Sue decides to send her boyfriend, Tommy, to take Carrie to the prom because of what she did. Carrie has a good time, and is elected prom queen, she's finally getting some attention from her classmates. But the illusion comes crumbling down when Chris and her boyfriend Tommy pour a bucket of pig's blood all over Carrie. But they don't know about her telekentic powers, and Carrie ends up killing all the students on prom night.

This movie has some great moments, especially the prom scene. And Carrie's overly religious mother is truly scary and insane. The movie doesn't get too horrific up until the end, but when the end comes you'll be pleasently surprised. A great horror film.

Starring: Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, and Amy Irving
Theatrical Release: November 3, 1976
Directed By: Brian DePalma

My rating (out of 5 stars):

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