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Boogeyman (2005)

Boogeyman (2005)

"I wanted to ask you something. Is it true, the Boogeyman took your Dad?" -Franny

I went into watching Boogeyman with some average expectations. Unfortunately those expectations where shattered. Boogeyman isn't all that great of a horror movie. It's about Tim, a guy who is suffering from bad childhood memories of his father being killed by the "boogeyman". Everyone else told him that he was making up excuses for his father leaving the family, but he doesn't think so.

Tim decides to return to his childhood home after his mother dies to pack up her belongings at to overcome his fear of the boogeyman and closets. Then strange things start happening, and he begins seeing a little girl who tells him things and who can relate to him, and his friend Kate begins suspecting that there is something wrong with him.

Then Tim begins having more visions from his childhood and the present and can't piece together what's happening around him. I would say Boogeyman is a pretty bad movie. It has no highs or lows, it seems to be all flat - just flashy strobe editing and a weak story. The film is mostly just some guy running around his house from the boogeyman. His childhood home is your conventional "haunted house" type which sort of adds a creepiness to it, and the little girl, Franny, was kind of eerie, especially when the audience discovers a big revelation about her character.

I will say it has some good scares, so those fans of "jump scares" will enjoy it, I know it got me a few times. But jump scares alone don't make a good horror movie, Boogeyman lacks a good plot. I think this movie could have been a lot better, had it had more of a story to it or something that could build onto it, but this is just one of your cheap Hollywood horror flicks. Other than a few good moments, Boogeyman is a weak movie.

Starring: Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel, and Sky McCole Bartusiak
Theatrical Release: February 4, 2005
Directed By: Stephen T. Kay

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