Species 3 review

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[Species 3] (Plot:Eves daughter Sara begins her mission to mate with humans. Now it's up to a specialist military team to hunt her down and kill her before its too late.) (Robin Dunne, Robert Knepper, Amelia Cooke, John Paul Pitoc, Michael Warren, Christopher Neame, Patricia Bethune, Joel Stoffer, James Leo Ryan, Savanna Fields, Natasha Henstridge, Sunny Mabrey, Reed Frerichs.) (My thoughts:After a pretty good first outing, this series quickly fell apart with the horrid sequel, "Species 2". The third entry offers up some new characters, and 1 new twist, but overall, still fails to deliver with as much action as the original.) (Review:The film starts off with Sara following in her moms footsteps, and trying to mate with humans. Shes being pursued by the standard military task force types we usually see in these types of movies. and As usual, they wanna bring her back to the lab, before it's too late and she kills anymore people.(Not to mention a half human/half creature hybrid on the loose killing people could really endanger the job security of some top military people in Washington). Anyways, they're finally able to capture Sara, and turn her over to Dr. Almond (no his last name isn't Joy). He plans to harvest her eggs for scientific research. In your typical get rich&famous quick scheme. Hes aided by a young protege named Dean. However theres a problem, the people Sara has mated with, either have died, while some have become halfbreeds. and These halfbreeds, well, of course...they wanna mate, which is the central plot device of all 3 of these movies. While Dr Almond and Dean have Sara locked in their lab, numerous halfbreeds attack the lab trying to mate with Sara. None succeed, as Dr Almond has a method of killing them, for just such an occasion, like when a crazed half human freakshow in heat crashes through the laboratory ceiling. However, during one attack, Dr Almond is severely injured, and later dies in Deans arms. During all of this, Sara has the chance to escape, but Dean prevents it. Meanwhile, theres a female halfbreed (yes apparently Sara got a little lesbo action while she was out and about during the beginning of the film), whos in pursuit of Sara. Dean leaves Dr Almonds research with his friend, who is then targeted by the female halfbreed and is taken to the Dr Almonds lab where hes forced to work on a way to prevent her from dying. Seems the halfbreeds eventually wind up dying seeing as how they aren't fully all creature like Sara is. Dean manages to save his friend with the help of a government agent. The climax of the film takes place in a nuclear plant where Sara and the dying female halfbreed try and recapture Saras eggs, and a cure. But when the female halfbreed has her sights set on killing Dean, Sara whos apparently fallen in love with him throughout all of this, kills her first. Thus saving Dean. The films climax sets it up for a sequel, and also ensures the fact that Sara will be uber pissed in the next chapter since it's revealed at the end that Dean has put a little or should we say, has NOT put a little gene in her, thus making her sterile.) (Pros:I liked the way they added a new dimension in the creatures DNA makeup, but other than that, this film is pretty much a Ho-humer.) (Cons:Lack of action, boring dialogue, tired story, and one dimensional characters. All of these factors contribute to this third installments demise.Also Natasha Hendstridge is only shown in brief flashback scenes. Listing her in the cast was an obvious ploy to get people to watch,rent,or buy the movie.) (Overall:A smidge away from being as bad as part 2 in the story, and action department, but 2 1 ups this movie in the casting department. Atleast 2 had Natasha Hendstridge and Michael Madsen in it.)