Seed of Chucky Review

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[Seed of Chucky] (Plot:Chuckys back, this time to wreak havoc in Hollywood, along with his equally devilish companion, Tiffany. When production starts on a movie detailing the urban legend of his parents' lethal exploits, Chuckys son Glen heads for Hollywood where he brings his bloodthirsty parents back from the dead. Chucky and Tiffany go Hollywood and get rolling on a new spree of murderous mayhem; much to gentle Glen's horror.) (Cast: Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif, Redman, Billy Boyd, Hannah Spearritt, John Waters). (My thoughts:As the trailers obviously explain, this movie was meant to be a horror comedy, not a straight-serious horror flick. Therefore,I knew what to expect going in. When it was all over though, I found myself liking this movie more than I thought I would.) (My review:The film starts off nicely, introducing us to Glen right from the get go. After Glen picks off the high society parents of a young aristocrat girl, and has a little *accident*, the film shifts to a ventriloquist act, where Glenn plays the quote unquote dummy. Glenn however sees his parents Chucky and Tiffany on television during a commercial for a movie being shot about their lives entitled "Chucky goes psycho". Glenn notices the "Made in Japan" writing on Chuckys wrist (this is used as a running gag through most of the films early parts), and realizes they're his biological parents. Thus, Glenn takes off escaping his life of an imprisoned, live, ventriloquist *dummy*, and heads to Hollywood CA to reunite with them. This scene is funny particularly because of the way Glen runs when hes making his escape from his captor/employer, (if you wanna call him that). What I liked about the film was that as it transitioned from location to location, it seemed to get more entertaining and even more funny. Jennifer Tilly plays an actress in the movie. Ironically enough, her name is Jennifer Tilly. Shes upset that her career is pretty much going nowhere, and wants to do a movie which will rocket her to stardom the likes of which Julia Roberts has. Julia Roberts name is tossed around a few times in the movie, making her sort of a nemesis of Tillys in the movie star world. Her assistant, played by Hannah Spearitt, gives her the 411 on a movie that Redman (who is also playing himself in the movie by the way)-is shooting, and also tells her hes looking for someone to play the virgin Mary. Meanwhile, Glen makes it to Hollywood, and finds his parents. The heart of Dembalah, which was the trinket Chucky and Tiffany were pursuing at the end of "Bride of Chucky", an ambulet which is a catalyst for soul swapping so to speak,is in Glenns posession. He uses it to reawaken his parents Tiffany and Chucky. This scene is hilarious mostly because of the interaction between Glen, and Chucky and Tiffany when they first meet. Chucky cracks some meanspirited jokes about Glens appearance (one in particular I laughed extremely hard at involving the quote unquote *ugly tree*). As for Glens look, well I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen the film yet, but to put it mildy, he looks nothing like one parent or the other, but rather a mix of both, with some very odd and creepy looking facial features tossed in. He also has a british accent, and can speak japanese somehow. Tiffany joins in for a bit, but both realize Glens their son when he shows them the *Made in Japan* mark on his wrist. Tiffany hugs Glen while Chucky faints from the excitement of it all. Tiffany and Chucky quickly pick up where they left off, after they brutally murder a special fx guy, much to Glens horror. In fact, hes so shocked by this, he has another little *accident*. Chucky and Tiff check Glen out, and to their surprise,hes not anatomically correct on either side of the fence, male or female. Thus, Glen is technically both. Jennifer Tilly (the actress) stumbles upon the dismembered fx guy after her meeting with Redman about his movie, and the police show up. Tiffany is star struck because Mrs Tilly is her favorite actress. Tiffany has also decided that when she becomes human again, she wants to be Jennifer Tilly, with Chucky taking up residence in Redmans body. They also know that Glens gonna need a body. This is a turning point which sets up the remainder of the film to be even more comedic. Tiffany plans to impregnate Jennifer with Chuckys sperm, giving Glen a human babys body where he can take up residence in. But first, she realizes that with her sons anti violent attitude, her and Chucky will have to give up killing people cold turkey. This sets up for some hilarious scenes, one of which is a nice nod to the previous film when Tiffany calls Baileys widow (the cop in Bride of Chucky who brought her Chuckys remains at the beginning), to apologize for killing her husband, as her first step to recovery from her murder addiction. Chucky meanwhile wants his son to be like his father, so he takes Glen out for his first kill, who ends up being a sleazy tabloid reporter played by John Waters. Glen has a change of heart during, and tries to save Waters character but in doing so, winds up accidentally killing him. Chucky is proud of his sons natural talent, and takes a photo of him and his son posing with the dead reporter. Tiffany manages to impregnate Mrs Tilly after spiking her drink and knocking Redman out. After a bout of morning sickness, she realizes shes pregnant. Jennifer tells Redman hes the father, since both woke up in the same bed together the morning after they had dinner. Problem is, ole Red had a vasectomy before he came to Hollywood, so he can't be the dad. On top of all that, he turns her down for the role since shes now *with child*. This angers Tiffany, who picks up her old muderous ways again, gutting Redman. Unaware until afterwards that Glen saw the whole thing. The next morning Jennifer is *showing*. She freaks out and calls her assistant. Since it's not a normal human pregnancy, the babies growth is accelerated. Chucky intercepts Mrs Tillys conversation, and ties her up. But her assistant hears the commotion over the phone. With Redman dead, Chucky now needs a body. Tiffany calls Mrs Tillys cheauffeur (whos been secretly in love with her for awhile by the way) pretending to be her. They manage to tie him up as well. Jennifers assistant shows up to help, but shes killed off by Glen, whos gone temporarily postal, and is dressed like his mom. Tiffany slaps Glen, to bring him back to his senses. Shortly after, Jennifer Tilly goes into labor, and gives birth to not one, but two babies. A boy and a girl. Now Tiffany and Chucky are short on time, they have to soul switch with haste with the cops having arrived at the house. Chucky however rethinks being human again, after weighing the benefits of being an immortal, and infamous killer doll, as compared to that of being a human. He starts to list the pros and cons, in another scene which is very funny. But Tiffany wants to be human, to be Jennifer Tilly, and most importantly, the life of a movie star. Thus, a conflict of interest ensues. I won't spoil it for you all by telling you what happens after this point, but lets just say should there be a part 6, this family won't be so close knit anymore in part 6. and A whole lot has changed for everyone involved, a whole lot.) (Pros:I liked the nods from "Bride" they tossed into "Seed of Chucky", such as the Bailey character, and the heart of Dembalah. Thus letting us know this isn't a loose sequel, or total stand alone film, but rather mostly a sequel with a bit of stand alone quality thrown in. Chucky and Tiffany have never been more entertaining, or funny. Glen was also a nice addition, in his own odd little way. The interaction between Glen, Chucky, and Tiffany was classic and worked on all levels. The human characters had some great on-screen moments, and the kills were awesome. The film also worked very well as a comedy/horror flick, because it held up both ends of the spectrum really well.) (Cons:The ending has a few plotholes. I liked the ending, but some things that happened at the very end need some more clearing up and explanation in the next movie. I also think John Waters character, and Redman should've had a few extra scenes.) (Overall:A great 5th installment, which is something you can't say about most horror series. The transition of Chucky from horror icon, to horror/comedy icon or Freddy status has been succesful these past 2 movies in my opinion. Entertaining, fun, and funny. Definitely worth a watch, and your money.)