Ginger Snaps 2 review

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[Ginger Snaps 2] (Plot-Brigitte has escaped the confines of Bailey Downs but she's not alone. Another werewolf is tailing her closely and her sister's specter haunts her. An overdose of Monkshood - the poison that is keeping her transformation at bay - leads to her being incarcerated in a rehabilitation clinic for drug addicts where her only friend is an eccentric young girl by the name of Ghost. Without the Monkshood her transformation is beginning to accelerate and to make matters worse, her werewolf stalker knows where she is.) (Cast: Emily Perkins, Katharine Isabelle, Tatiana Maslany, Janet Kidder, Eric Johnson, Pascale Hutton, Patricia Idlette, David McNally, Susan Adam, Shaun Johnston, Jake Mackinnon,) (My thoughts-After the events which transpired in the first movie, I wasn't really sure that a sequel could have any sort of direction to go in. Boy was I wrong.) (My review-After killing her sister Ginger (in self defense of course) at the end of the first film, Brigitte (Emily Perkins) is now on the run, knowing that close behind her follows another werewolf, who wants to mate with her. Because she intook some of Gingers blood in the first movie, shes now shooting up with the Monkshood which slows the werewolf transformation temporarily. However after a friend of hers is ripped apart in his car (a nicely done and very bloody scene I might add) by the werewolf whos stalking Brigitte, Brigitte takes off again, but collapses while making her escape. Shes found by the authorities, and so is the Monkshood. They put 2 and 2 together, figure shes an addict, and the next thing you know, she wakes up in a rehab center for teenage girls. She knows she doesn't belong there, but shes safe from her werewolf stalker, atleast for the time being. The thing that carried this film the most were the scenes within the rehab center. I thought the writers did a good job giving most of the characters something to do, and some nice dialogue. Not just making them 1 dimensional second fiddle showpieces to Perkins character. One character that stood out to me in particular was the little girl, nicknamed "Ghost". She was funny, in a depressing, odd, and weird sort of way. She was also very poetic, and her line after she informs Brigitte of her dog being found dead is priceless. The film also makes sure not to dispose of these characters too quickly, which I also liked very much. Once Brigitte wound up in the institution, I expected a scenario where nurses and patients are systematically disposed of night after night by the werewolf till only a handful are left. However, the film spends most of it's time letting us inside Brigittes inner pain, and hows shes dealing with the fact that shes changing rapidly day by day, and to make matters worse, the rehab staff have taken away her Monkshood, and a spectre of her dead sister Ginger, is constantly taunting her wherever she may go. The film also spends alot of time building a relationship between "Ghost" and Brigitte. Eventually, Brigitte is able to get her Monkshood back, but it's too late. Shes been without it too long, and now the change is imminent. To make matters worse, "Ghosts" mangled dog is a sign that Brigittes werewolf stalker knows where she is. She escapes the rehab center with the help of "Ghost", who she takes with her. They survive an encounter with the werewolf in a furnace room, and manage to escape. They hide out at "Ghosts" place, but are soon tracked by the werewolf and the rehab center director, as well as an orderly. With all three of these parties in play, it all leads to a shocking, and mildly confusing climax which I must admit even I, a horror fan who can usually see most things coming in a horror movie before they happen, even I wasn't expecting the ending we got to this film. The ending leaves the door open for a sequel, but the third installment is a prequel, and no 4th film is in the works as of yet.) (Pros-Great writing, interesting characters, nice music, great fx, nice action scenes, twist ending, and good acting, set this film apart from the usual DTV horror faire.) (Cons-Hard to find any, the film was a solid sequel. 1 small one from me would be the ending. Without giving it away I'll just say this. It was never explained if person x knew about Brigitte being a werewolf time she was put in rehab, or did person x set this plan into motion as the events transpired.) (Overall- As I said, a solid sequel. If a part 4 is made, I'd definitely slap down my cash for the dvd.)