My 2 cents on Freddy vs Jason vs Ash not happening
Well I'm sure most of you have read or heard the news, that the "FreddyvsJasonvsAsh" rumored project has basically been killed. I for one an happy about this news. Ash was a mediocre character at best, and really not only did he not deserve to be in a film with Freddy and Jason, who have paid their dues to the genre, but he also wouldn't fit into the story. Another reason Ash not being in it is for the better, is because hes only done 3 films. "ED" "ED2" and the grossly overrated (atleast IMO), "Army of Darkness". Word also had it that Campbell and Raimi were demanding Ash be the victor in it all, and that would be a humongous slap in the face to the "NOES" and "Jason" franchises respectively. I'm sure there are a good amount of fans, who are pissed over this news, but I think most are happy or content about it. Ash also isn't known by the mainstream horror fan. He has more of a cult following, while Freddy and Jason are known the world over by die hard fans of the genre, as well as casual ones. At this time though, one thing remains uncertain, we don't know exactly what route the "FvsJ" sequel will take, no one does. To learn that, well...we'll just have to STAY TUNED.
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