Zombie Honeymoon Review

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[Zombie Honeymoon]
Plot:A young newlywed couple Danny and Denise are on their way to their honeymoon. During the trip Danny is attacked by an unknown monster and is bitten in the process. Everything seems alright until he begins to get very ill. Unbeknownst to Denise, Danny has been infected by a zombie and is slowly becoming one himself. The couple must now learn to deal with this new change and find the strength within themselves to adapt to the challenges it brings.

Cast: Tracy Coogan, Graham Sibley, Tonya Cornelisse, David M. Wallace, Neal Jones.

My Thoughts:Performance driven horror films don't work with 1 good actor out of a cast of 5.

Review:"Zombie Honeymoon" is certainly not your run of the mill horror/zombie movie. There's no heavy gun play, explosions, or even an army of the walking dead. It's more of a romance/drama with strong horror elements mixed into it. "Zombie Honeymoon" which is set entirely in New Jersey, follows a young newlywed couple Denise and Danny who have just gotten hitched and are all ready and excited to start their new life together. They decide to visit the Jersey shore shortly after the wedding, and this is where the situation takes a turn for the worse. A zombie comes straggling out of the water and attacks Danny. It doesn't bite him, but rather pukes up a huge amount of blood which Danny inadvertently ingests. Danny is rushed to the hospital after the attack with his distraught new bride by his side. The doctors declare Danny dead for about 10 minutes before he comes back to life. Denise is relieved that her husband didn't die but little does she realize that the worst is yet to come. "Zombie Honeymoon" basically centers itself around the little by little day by day transformation of Danny into a full fledged zombie, and how his wife Denise sticks by him despite the new "changes". When Danny is found feasting on the flesh of his first victim...a man from the hospital, and then attacks and kills a second one...a female travel agent. His wife still isn't willing to give up on him but rather it actually strengthens their relationship. Even though she is aware that he could probably turn on her at any given moment. I think the writer of this story was trying to show people that the silly petty nonsense men and women throw relationships away over these days is nothing compared to what this couple is going through. It really is tries to be a love story, about how love can endure anything, even your significant other becoming a flesh craving member of the undead. Along with the physical and exterior changes Danny undergoes, also come the personality changes which disturb his wife Denise. One scene in particular which is pretty funny, is when Danny and Denise go out to eat with their friends Nikki and Buddy, and Danny informs her that he's no longer interested in being a vegetarian and asks for some of his friends very rare steak. "Zombie Honeymoon" succeeds in it's attempt to be a love story and a pretty decent drama, but the film is hurt by the horrid acting of everyone except for Denise played by Tracy Coogan. Graham Sibley who plays Danny is a better actor when he's slowly becoming a zombie rather than when he is human at the beginning of the film, and Tonya Cornelesse and David M. Wallace as their best friends do a pretty bad acting job in the film. This movie also has a few spots where the dialogue is pretty weak and most of it takes place inside Denises uncles beach house which kind of keeps the film from branching out alot of the time. As I stated before takes place in New Jersey but Danny and Denise come off more as a California couple rather than Jersians. I bought Buddy and Nikki being more Jersey-ish than Denise and Danny. "Zombie Honeymoon" really shines in the final 25 minutes of the movie particularly because Coogan is left to carry out most of it and the movie is at it's bloodiest and goriest in the final act. I personally am not a fan of romance films or most dramas but "Zombie Honeymoon" wasn't too bad of a movie. I understood what the director was trying to say with the movie and the basic vision he had for it, and I took it for what it was worth. I just wish better actors had been chosen and more scenes had taken place anywhere other than inside the beach house.

Pros:Tracy Coogan gives a good performance, I liked the director and writers vision for the movie. For a low budget production the blood and gore scenes were nicely done.

Cons:Outside of Coogan and sometimes Sibley, the acting was pretty bad and the film spent too much time in one area. The dialogue wasn't too great either.

Overall:Worth a rental.

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