Voodoo Moon review

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Plot:A demonic being destroys an entire town, save a young boy and his sister. Twenty years later, the sister is an artist with psychic abilities and her brother has grown obsessed with tracking down the demon who took out his town. Together, they fight to destroy the evil being that could kill them both.

Cast: Eric Mabius, Charisma Carpenter, Geoffrey Lewis, Rik Young, John Amos, Jayne Heitmeyer, Jeffrey Combs.

My Thoughts:Wasted Potential

Review:You know any time Charisma Carpenter, Eric Mabus, and Jeffrey Combs wind up in a movie together, you'd atleast think it'd be a halfway decent flick. Unfortunately that is far from the case with "Voodoo Moon". "Voodoo Moon" concerns a young man named Cole (Eric Mabus) who has the power to vanquish evil, and has been tracking a powerful demon which destroyed his town and killed his family twenty years prior. Now of age, he's been tracking that demon his entire life, and now has finally found him. But he can't defeat the demon alone, so he enlists the help of his sister Heather (Charisma Carpenter) and a few people he's helped out of some supernaturally tough spots in the past, to help him defeat it once and for all. To make matters tougher for Cole, this demon begins taking control of civilians, using them as assassins to kill Cole's friends before they can arrive to help him. Despite it's very potential filled, and very refreshing overall premise, "Voodoo Moon" fails to take full advantage of what it has at it's disposal. For one thing, the dialogue is very spotty and close to nothing is explained about the villain. All we know is that he's "evil", there's never any mention of his motives, overall reason for doing what he's doing, what he's done, or for that matter, how he got here in the first place. We're pretty much left to guess at all of this stuff. Where the film shines the most is in it's performances. Mabus's character of Cole is interesting, as a force of good who is inflicted with "Stigmata" everytime one of his friends are killed. However, much like the villain in the movie, there's also a severe lack of explanation behind Coles motives and him as a person. John Amos as Dutch is very likeable and funny at times, Jeffrey Combs as Taggert does the best *character trapsing around with a broken neck* impression I've ever seen before...and Charisma Carpenter does a decent job playing Cole's sister Heather who can predict events through her drawings, although she isn't really given any shining moments in the movie and is relegated more to being the good looking and at times wise-cracking female companion. One of "Voodoo Moon"'s biggest problems comes with it's action scenes. Save a few awesome scenes where a flock of crows attack two characters in the film and literally rip them apart, the action in "Voodoo Moon" is not done in a serious, stylish, action movie sort of way, but rather a cheesy television show sort of way. In fact alot of the action scenes in this film reminded me of the sort of stuff you'd see in "Buffy" or "Angel", but even they managed to pump out better FX than most of the visuals seen in this movie. The way the characters take on and defeat their enemies also comes off as really lame and reminisscent of something out of a syndicated action series. The characters themselves conflict with the situation at hand, due to their lack of skills. Honestly, if a vanquisher of all things evil is headed into battle with a demon who destroyed an entire town, would a spunky black girl, a good looking blonde, a biker, an average guy, an old guy, and a cop really be the *ultimate force of good* you'd assemble to deal with such a high level threat? Shouldn't all of these people have other more supernatural-related abilities, besides just being able to fire a shotgun and spout one-liners? Guess not, but considering how pathetic the final showdown is between Cole and his arch nemesis..I guess Cole must've been very well aware of how non-fearsome this demon really was. Either that or it was simply another case of bad writing. I felt kind of disappointed for wasting 2 hours watching this movie on the sci-fi channel last night, but oh well - atleast it wasn't as bad as 99% of their originals. That, and the Dee Wallace Stone cameo were the only positives that one could take from this mostly negative film.

Pros:John Amos, Jeffrey Combs, and Charisma Carpenter give pretty decent performances. Eric Mabus was okay although a bit too laid back at times. Interesting premise.

Cons:Wasting such a unique story due to surrounding it with poor writing and bad FX. Lack of explanation behind the villain and his motives.

Overall:This movie is hitting dvd in October, I wouldn't recommend picking it up, but maybe a rental if you're curious.

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