Unborn But Not Forgotten review

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[Unborn But Not Forgotten]
Plot: A reporter and a cop try to figure out why visitors to a mysterious website are dying one by one.

Cast: Jun-ho Jeong, Eun-ju Lee.

My Thoughts:Decent ghost story.

Review:Usually when I hear of any horror movie involving people dying after visiting a mysterious website it brings back terrible memories of "Fear dot com". But with "Hayanbang" (Unborn But Not Forgotten) being J-horror I figured I'd give it a shot. While it wasn't the greatest thing I had ever seen as far as Japanese horror goes, it certainly wasn't without merit. The film begins with a woman meeting a gruesome demise in her bathroom at the hands of someone weilding a butcher knife. This is just one in a series of gruesome murders that occur to anyone who visits a mysterious pregnancy website. All young women, and all the victims have one thing in common..they're pregnant. A cop and a reporter try to figure out what exactly is causing the deaths of these women and how to stop it. One of this films problems is that it reminds one so much of "The Ring". Whereas in that movie, people were dying after seeing a mysterious videotape upon which they received a phone call saying they had 7 days to live. "Unborn But Not Forgotten" replaces the videotape with a website, a website which while it doesn't alert the victim specifically that they have 7 days to live..seeing as how all the victims have died several days after visiting the site, it's only natural for that plot point to sneak into the broader picture. Unlike in "The Ring" where freaky and chilling occurances are the norm, "Unborn But Not Forgotten" doesn't do much to scare the viewer. Other than a creepy scene which takes place when the reporter Han Su-jin played by Eun-Ju Lee first visits the site, and a few parlor trick-esque scenes that are strolled throughout the movie..."UBBNF" is absent of scares for the most part. But the situation itself and the lack of constant music playing throughout the movie do help to keep a slightly eerie vibe present in the picture. Even when nothing is happening. Also there's a common theme in the film that Su-jin can see the victims pregnant after they're dead whereas Lee Soek, the cop cannot. The movie tries to milk this plot point for all it's worth and I give them credit for it seeing as how in the films final act, it's brought into play very nicely as the movie winds down. There's not much blood and gore here either for fans of that sort of thing, this movie is more for the horror fan who gets spooked by a situation or situations that are just too weird for words. Which is basically what the entire movie is, one huge weird situation. The ending is quite a shocker though, with a twist that despite a plothole or two...is pretty ingenious and very creative. However some of that is ruined at the very end when another twist is thrown in sort of as a last hoo-rah but at the same time acts as a real discredit to the picture. Especially considering it comes directly out of nowhere and there really wasn't much that transpired beforehand to make it a sensible twist ending. "UBBNF" is a decent J-horror effort, which may not be for the blood, gore, and action seekers...but is creepy enough to be enjoyable for anyone who hasn't seen it before and can tolerate slow paced material when it comes to horror films.

Positives: A constant eerie tone that the film manages to keep throughout.

Negatives:Moves way too slow, a really bad twist at the very end, not much blood, gore, or action to sure up an otherwise intricate and potential rich storyline.

Overall: Just barely worth seeing atleast once.

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