Turistas review

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Plot:A group of young backpackers' vacation turns sour when a bus accident leaves them marooned in a remote Brazilian jungle that holds an ominous secret.

Cast: Josh Duhamel, Melissa George, Olivia Wilde, Desmond Askew, Beau Garrett, Max Brown, Agles Steib, Miguel Lunardi, Jorge Só, Cristiani Aparecida, Lucy Ramos, Andréa Leal, Diego Santiago, Marcao, Miguelito Acosta.

My Thoughts:Turistas go home?? Are you sure people this stupid wouldn't accidentally walk off of a cliff on the way home??

Review:You know I guess I'll be the first to say it, these horror films where stupid teens travel abroad and run afoul of some really nasty character's are getting old. And in the case of "Turistas"...it barely even qualifies as a horror film, if not for a nasty surgical scene late in the movie (more on that later). The movie has a group of your typical teens, only these kids are from Britain...but still show the same stupidity as american teens int hese films so without Finn's (Desmond Askew) british accent you really can't tell the difference...who go on a backpacking trip to Brazil. Early on in the film, their tour bus crashes and ends up rolling down a cliff when the drivers swerves to avoid some people in the road. It isn't long after this incident that the young ones end up pissing off one of the locals, and after a night of partying and drinks, wake up on the beach missing their belongings and cash. Of course one would believe that the incident with one of the local Brazilians, which stemmed from Melissa George's character snapping a photo of a little boy...had something to do with why they were drugged. And if you thought that well...you were right! Which is exactly "Turistas" problem. The film as well laid out, and potential filled as it is, sticks to the basics way too much and doesn't think outside the box at all. Everything that happens is pretty much expected, and the violence level in the movie is extremely low. People were comparing this film to "Hostel" before it was released, and I'm here to tell you that this movie doesn't even touch "Hostel". "Hostel" was brutal, and "Turistas"...expect for one scene where a girl takes a wrong turn in the jungle while running from ehr captor's, and ends up falling off a cliff, smahing her head into a few of the rocks on the way down..is not brutal, or even cringe worthy for that matter. Add to that the characters are all cardboard cutout's of typical teenagers. It seemed to me that with some of the talk that goes around about European's being smarter than americans, that someone just wanted to make a movie where dumb European teens get themselves in over their heads because they paid more attention to partying, sex, and booze -- rather than their surroundings. So now they can say *aha! see?? European kids are just as dumb as American kids!*. Honestly I could not tell any of the girls apart nor the guys, because the girls all act the same and the guys all act the same. Luckily, director John Stockwell gave us a blonde and a brunette to sort of make it somewhat possible to tell the ladies apart, and as for the guys...well one has a british accent and the others don't. Despite all of them being from Britain. I guess this was so the audience could tell the men apart but it ws a really dumb choice, and some other characteristic should've been used instead. "Turistas" set's itself apart even more from "Hostel" but yet copies it at the same time. An island kid named Kiko offers to help out the group of friends after they wake up empty handed and empty pocketed on the beach. But is he friend or foe?? That is what writer Michael Ross uses as a lingering mystery element throughout most of the movie. Of course Kiko is such an uninteresting character that again the viewer simply cannot put much effort into caring about where he fits into all of this. Soon the group are set upon by some bad guys in act three, and all the pieces start to fall into place. While the best part of act three is the gravely graphic surgery scene which involves the "mad" doctor and one of the groups female members, Ross tries to make his "mad" doctor character a little less "mad" by giving him a socio-economic/freedom fighter/revenge motive for his evil behavior. While this part of the film's story piqued my interest, it came way too late in the movie to help it gain any brownie points with me. Especially because earlier in act two, they make the mad doctor out to be some kind of nut with a fetish for throwing his weight around by killing his own employees. "Turistas" is an interesting film, but it's very much hampered by a lazy script, awful characters, and a predictable plot. In the end, those three things pretty much sink the film as a whole.

Positives:Great looking island setting, the surgery scene in act three.

Negatives:One dimensional characters, a boring script, a serious lack of blood, gore, and action.

Overall:Wasted potential at it's finest.

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