The Toothfairy review

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[The Toothfairy]
Plot:When 12-year-old Pamela (Munoz) goes on vacation with her family (West, Munro) to a bed and breakfast, the girl who lives next door tells her the "true story" of the Tooth Fairy: Many years earlier, the evil Tooth Fairy slaughtered a countless number of children to take their teeth, and now she has returned to kill Pamela and anyone else who gets in her way.

Cast: Lochlyn Munro, Chandra West, Steve Bacic, Nicole Muņoz, Jianna Ballard, Carrie Fleming, Peter New, Jesse Hutch, Ben Cotton, Sonya Salomaa, Karin Konoval, Sam Laird, P.J. Soles, Peter Wong, Peng Zhang Li.

My Thoughts:Well atleast it was better than "Darkness Falls".

Review:I think at this point filmmakers might want to take a break from using the Toothfairy legend in any more horror pictures. "Darkness Falls" was absolutely dreadful and "The Toothfairy" which ironically enough was made sort of as an "I'm sorry" to those of us who had to suffer through "Darkness Falls" wasn't as stellar as I had hoped it would be. The film starts off very dark and twisted like, with an old woman (the toothfairy) luring a kid into her creepy old house before extracting his tooth and laying into him with an axe. But after that the movie takes a real turn downhill, seemingly forgetting how take no prisoners-ish it started off as. Lochlyn Munro plays Peter Campbell, the owner of an inn which he just opened for business, and also plays a father in the film of his young daughter Pamela. The rest of the cast is a pretty diverse mix of characters, which includes Chandra West as Peter's ex wife Darcy, Carrie Fleming as the films major source of eye candy, two hippieish characters, a guy who helps Peter run the inn, and one cliche character played by veteran actress P.J. Soles. Despite it's diverse cast "The Toothfairy" doesn't seem to be able to do much with what it has. The movie lacks a really high scare factor and relegates itself to falling into the usual blueprint for films dealing with supernatural dark fairytale characters. Sometimes we'll see the toothfairy zip by really quickly, other times she's watching everyone else plotting her next move, and on some occasions she's watching Peter's daughter sleep and quickly vanishes once she awakens. This is explained in the storyline as the toothfairy waiting for her to lose her final babytooth. This films storyline differs alot from "Darkness Falls" where the toothfairy was a demon back from the dead and out for revenge, in this movie the toothfairy is human but she's also a witch. However, she weilds an axe which when you think about it...have we ever seen a horror film before where despite her otherwordly abilities...a witch decides to dispose of her victims with an axe?? It's revealed that she was a deformed child who was made fun of and eventually imprisoned herself inside her own home for years before she started luring neighborhood kids to her home, taking their teeth, and by some sort of black magic using said teeth to keep the souls of the children she murdered in some sort of pergatory which in this film takes the form of a creepy old music box. The revenge angle sort of explains why she preferred hacking up the kiddies instead of using her witchy powers to make them vanish into thin air or something. I'm not really sure whether writers Stephen J. Cannell and Corey Strode were out to scare their target audience with a dark story like this, or create one of the most ludicrous backstories in horror film history. At any rate, this is all explained when the ghost of a little girl shows up to warn Peter's daughter Pamela that the toothfairy has her sights set on claiming her tooth for her own. But that's about as original as this film gets, because it spends most of it's time painting by the numbers. That type of predictability coupled with a lack of action and a low body count are factors which really hurt the movie. P.J. Soles character of Mrs. Mcdonald shows up early on to warn Peter and his family of the toothfairy but of course following your standard horror movie cliche, they dismiss her as "the crazy old woman next door" and continue about their merry way. There are alot of scenes like this in the film, and despite the writers attempt to make things a bit more interesting by throwing in two angry rednecks with a score to settle into the movie..."The Toothfairy" only manages to provide mild entertainment if you're in the mood for a supernatural horror flick. However, the film does reach a new level of absurdity when the last remaining parties figure out a way to destroy the toothfairy once and for all. Too bad though that the method is neither creative nor unique in it's explanation.

Pros:Decent acting, some pretty good gore scenes.

Cons:A script which doesn't pack alot of punch, lack of action, and a very low body count.

Overall:Decent film that could've and should've been much better than it was.

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