The Roost Review

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[The Roost]
Plot:Four friends on their way to a Halloween wedding become stranded out in the middle of nowhere. Things get worse when an onslaught of demonic creatures beseiges the group.

Cast: Tom Noonan, Karl Jacob, Vanessa Horneff, Sean Reid, Wil Horneff, Barbara Wilheid, Richard Little, John Speredakos, Larry Fessenden.

My Thoughts:This is what everyone's been raving about??

Review:I admit, I was suckered in by the positive reviews and internet hype over Ti West's "The Roost". This film had been receiving endless amounts of praise for going on two years now, and I said to myself "Man this movie must be good". I should've known it would turn out to be a "Wolf Creek" situation, "Wolf Creek" being another movie that failed miserably to live up to it's hype. "Sigh"...when will I ever learn? "The Roost" plays out in late-night horror movie format, with a guy dressed up as a vampire count seemingly pulling the strings on the forthcoming story, which involves a group of teens on their way to a wedding, who end up getting their car stuck on a rock. This "accident" is caused by a killer bat, who is part of a swarm of bats that are the antagonists of the movie. Now the problem with "The Roost" is unlike "Bats", which sucked but hey atleast they gave us an explanation behind their monsters..."The Roost" gives us ZERO explanation as to why a bunch of killer bats are just hanging around a smalltown farm picking off people one by one. I think West figured since this film is like a movie being presented to us by a horror movie host, it doesn't have to make any kind of sense. Okay...I'll accept that, but there's a line you don't cross even in that regard. First of all, everyone knows bats don't kill people normally, most bats are insect or fruit eaters. These bats kill, and kill viciously. That's cool, but why? Where did they come from? And why does every victim they claim rise up moments later as a zombie who can then transfer the zombie plague to another human via a bite? A creative idea I might add...but it looks silly when there seems to be no one at the wheel of the story. Another problem is the characters. West doesn't give us any reason to give a damn about these kids. And the kids do the usual teen horror film actor things also. Say mean things to each other, talk junk while riding in the car, curse, and of course the ever so popular "get out of their vehicle in the midlde of nowhere and seek help". Which looks even more foolish when one of the female characters whips out a cellphone later on in the movie when she receives a call from the guy who's wedding they're apparently late for. It's like huh?? If you had the cell all along why stray so far away from the car and wind up making yourselves the next meal for a pack of hungry bats? Why not just step out and call AAA? The bats themselves are rarely seen and there are alot of annoying cut away deaths that ensue which bring the blood and gore levels of this movie, which I thought would be filled with blood and gore, down to astronomically low levels. I must give West credit on one thing though, the setting for this movie was freaking fantastic! The old farm in the middle of nowhere, pitch black night time, with crickets chirping is the perfect setting for a film like this. But of course everyone knows a horror film needs more than just a great setting, and West fails to deliver interesting characters, a sensible story, and any real action. There's only four main kids in this movie, and their deaths aren't shocking or very different from the ones that come before them. Except for one scene at the end, which finally shows a flash of brilliance and creativity. But alas, it's too little too late. "The Roost" is a major disappointment which had alot of potential to be something spectacular. And quite frankly, I don't see what all the fuss was about.

Pros:Great setting, creative idea for a horror film.

Cons:Lack of explanation for anything. Dumb, one dimensional main characters, a high predictability factor. Severe lack of blood and gore.

Overall:Only check this out if you're really curious about it.

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