The Nun review

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[The Nun]
Plot:Six women that went their separate ways in life, are brought back together years later by something horrific,something connected to their past.Someone they knew heaven would never accept, is seeking revenge.

Cast: Belén Blanco, Oriana Bonet, Anita Briem, Teté Delgado, Natalia Dicenta, Alistair Freeland, Manu Fullola, Paulina Gálvez, Lola Marceli, Cristina Piaget, Montse Pla.

My Thoughts:Pray that it ends quicker for you than it did for me.

Review:For a movie about the evil spirit of a Nun going around killing her enemies, and using good ole fashioned H20 as her catalyst to enter and exit their residences, you would probably expect a very silly yet entertaining horror romp of sorts. Unfortunately, this film is filled with many cliches, beyond one dimensional characters, and an ending that makes one question everything they just saw. But what about the Nun? After all this movie is called "The Nun", which would make one assume that she plays the most important role in the film. Well to make a long story short, the film revolves around six female friends, who are all now 30 years of age. But back in their Catholic High School, they were the constant target of the ire of a pretty mean spirited nun. Although director Luis De la Madrid wants us to believe this nun is the biggest beyotch on the planet, we really don't get that impression until a flashback scene near the end which is where we also learn how the nun eventually met her demise. This is just one of the problems with this film, as when we meet the nun for the first time, she disposes of her first victim in what is a pretty damn cool scene. The murder brings her 5 friends, who are now all grown up, back together...and also works to the nuns advantage since she can now have an easier time of tracking them down. The first kill in the movie really gives you an idea of how much time and energy were put into the FX, as The Nun materializes through a faucet of running water to get her first intended target. The deal with the Nun is whenever an abundance of water appears, you know some bad shite is about to go down. Kind of like when you're watching a "Nightmare on Elm Street" film, and you hear that screech of Freddy's claw against a boiler room pipe, you know he is very very close by. But the nun is slightly cooler than Freddy in the simple instance of her appearance on screen, as there are scenes of her watery corpse floating through the air watching, and stalking her victim with a really pissed off look on her face. There's even a really badass scene later on in the film where she morphs into a huge airborn mass of water, and propels herself right through a girls body killing her instantly. Unfortunately as cool as damn near everything about the nun herself is, everything around her in this movie is weak, and that's at the least. It's actually worse than that. Watching this movie, I was wondering if the nun was pissed off with her targets, or angry that she was surrounded by such horrible actors and such a crappy script. Like I mentioned before, the nuns anger comes off really well in the movie but without an early explanation of what exactly happened to her that led to her death, it hurts the films overall pace. Sure keeping the viewer in the dark about the motives of a masked man or woman weilding a butcher knife is fine, but when there's a water-massed nun floating around wasting thirty-something women left and right, you've gotta atleast throw us a bone or two about her death and how it happened, and most importantly early on in the film. The beyond one dimensional characters don't serve to help matters much either. Especially since "The Nun" operates like a typical slasher movie where characters have a few scenes before they are knocked off by the villain later on. The characters in this film are so boring, and shallow that when they die you don't even bat an eyelash, which makes me think that writer Jaume Balaguero thought making atleast one of the characters in the film interesting on some level, would've taken away from the coolness of the nun. Anyhow the film finally manages to drag itself to the final showdown with the nun which convieniently takes place at "the school where it all started", after the remaining women learn the nun they once thought dead is behind the recent deaths of their friends. The only thing enjoyable about the films third act is the blend of the huge, dark empty school..coupled with a massive rainstorm, complete with thunder and lightning, come together to create a very nice atmosphere for the final act. However, it's too bad the awesome rain-soaked setting couldn't save the film from it's ridiculous plot twists that crop up in spades in act three. Not only is the revelation of how the Nun has returned as a water demon of sorts a total contradiction, but the film saves the worst and most obnoxious plot twist of all for last. If you take a chance on seeing "The Nun", be prepared to leave your brain on the coffee table.

Pros:The Nun is an awesome antagonist in the film, the FX used to create the illusion of her shapeshifting and appearing through H20 were great.

Cons:Weak script, weaker characters, and one of the worst endings I've ever seen.

Overall:The nun herself is really the only thing worth the price of renting this film. Other than that, avoid this one at all costs.

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