The Crow:Wicked Prayer review

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[The Crow:Wicked Prayer]
Plot:The fourth installment of The Crow series, Luc Crash, the leader of a satanic gang of bikers murder a young man named Jimmy Cuervo and his girlfriend Lily for the purpose of a ritual to make Crash an immortal demon. Cuervo rises from the dead with the power of the crow to avenge his girlfriend's death, and to stop the completion of the ritual.

Cast: Yuji Okumoto, Marcus Chong, Tito Ortiz, Tara Reid, David Boreanaz, Rosemberg Salgado, Edward Furlong, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Danny Trejo.

My Thoughts:This certainly was an

Review:Not nearly as bad as "Crow:Salvation" with Kirsten Dunst,but not great either,"The Crow:Wicked Prayer" follows Edward Furlong who plays Jimmy Cuervo.Cuervos pretty much a loser but is in love with a native american young lady named Lily played by Emmanuelle Chriqui.It's the usual story,her family thinks shes too good for him,he disagrees,they do everything they can to keep them apart,they have to sneak around to see each other, yada yada yada.Things get serious though when David Boreanaz character enters the picture.He plays Crash the leader of a satanic cult which doubles as a biker gang called the four horsemen of the apocalypse (who says satanist don't have hobbies other than ritual sacrifice anymore?).His crew stages a prison break lead by Tara Reids character Lola (this is funny because Tara actually looks like her name should be Lola in real life).Crash has his sights set on becoming an immortal demon and to do so,he needs the blue eyes of Cuervos girlfriend Lily.This movie plays out well in the early going but some key plot points seem to pop up out of nowhere and we seem to forget that anyone ever mentioned them.Maybe thats because they never were mentioned.For example,Lola tells Lily before she commits a really gruesome act against her that *Back in school Lily you saw alot,but I never seen shit*.Lolas blind? Gee it's funny that this was never mentioned like...ever before we get to Lilys death scene.It also seemed like the writer really wanted to push the envelope with the bad guys in this particular movie.Whereas the first 3 "Crow" films,the bad guys were some really twisted fucks,Crash and his gang makes them look like the carebears.Everyone hams it up in their bad guy roles,even Reid on some occasions.But what should we expect when the bad guys go by the names of War,Famine,Pestilence,and Crashes aka is Death/Satan.But wheres Tara Reids cool nickname? Oh yea it's the four horseMEN of the apocalypse.For some reason she allows herself to be Crashes female lackey and yet is ok with the fact that she wasn't annointed a cool nickname like the others. Tsk Tsk Lola.Lola unlike most of the femme fatales in these films can't fight worth anything.Shes relegated to being Crashes hot, talkative trophy girl.It doesn't take long for Furlong to become the avenging dark angel known as The Crow once him and his girlfriend or should I say now deceased girlfriend are dispatched of by Crash and his deadly goons.In usual Crow fashion he goes around kicking the asses of any of Crashes goons he can find the first of which he finds at a bar.It's interesting how in these movies after they've commited gruesome murders they split up and hit the bar for some brewskies.When Jimmy finally reaches Crash in a scene which contains some of the worst dialogue I've heard in awhile,Crash has gained powers so he makes short work of Jimmy.Atleast for the time being.Ironically enough I didn't hate this movie as much as I thought I would.Despite the bad dialogue and over the top acting,the interesting blend of mexican and native american culture used in the story and the pretty well done action scenes were enough to keep me happy up until the end which pretty much like most of this movie suck in some parts and kick ass in others.Macy Gray (musician) and Dennis Hopper make an appearance near the end. Gray does what she can with her limited screen time before shes taken out by a stray bullet and Hopper makes a fool of himself with some really heavy overusage of ebonics. Not even 2000 and yonder ebonics but stuff the kids used to say back in 97.Crash and Jimmy eventually have their final showdown but it's not really all it should've been.Strangely enough Boreanazes dialogue gets worse once he completes the ritual to become an immortal demon.Honestly,I liked human Crash better.Sure his dialogue was mostly horrid,but atleast he had an interesting twisted ora about him.

Pros:The action was pretty nice,the villains over the top performances are more on the funny side rather than the so annoying I can't bare to watch this anymore side.Nice blend of cultures in this movie,and Furlong when hes not reciting useless oneliners,plays the crow pretty well.

Cons:Demon Crash was a huge waste and more of a jokester than human Crash, how is that possible?Dennis Hopper...why Dennis...why?? Tara Reid gave the best performance behind Edward Furlong.That is unacceptable.When she is the second best actor in any film that shes not running from a masked killer in,then alot of people aren't doing their jobs.

Overall:If you're looking for a straight good time without having to think too hard and like your movies with over the top villains and cheesey dialogue, then you'll like "The Crow:Wicked Prayer".

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