The Cavern review

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[The Cavern]
Plot:8 explorers trapped in a Russian cave system are hunted by an unknown presence.

Cast: Sybil Temtchine, Mustafa Shakir, Ogy Durham, Andrew Caple-Shaw, Danny A. Jacobs, Andres Saenz-Hudson, Johnnie Colter, Neno Pervan, Kamen Gabriel, Cassandra Duarden.

My Thoughts:Bad Movie....VERY BAD MOVIE!

Review:You know unlike Neil Marshall's "The Descent" which just hit theaters here in the U.S. recently, and made a film about cavers being trapped within a cave interesting, spooky, scary, and disturbing...Olatunde Osunsanmi's "The Cavern" (aka WitHin) fell far short of even making me give one single shred of a care about what was happening and what might or would happen to the characters. The story begins with a group of cavers who are gearing up to explore a russian cave system. Unfortunately, as they do 9 times out of 9 in our beloved genre, things go inexplicably wrong and they become trapped inside the cave. It's obvious by the circumstances surrounding the entrapment that their path way was blocked and their ropes were slashed by someone or something. The question is, who..what..and why? Unfortunately, the characters are so dull and uninteresting that at this point you really wouldn't care, and while their dialogue is enthusiastic, the situation is a ridiculous one. First of all, we have people grabbed out of the darkness by *something*, and then killed by that something, and given rivers of flowing blood to suggest their demise was a grissly one. But these scenes aren't the cool and edgy *character snatched off into the abyss* type of deal, no..instead they're of the *oh look, another one bites the dust yawn* variety. One thing I never got about movies like this is why don't any of these people bring along that *I f----ing hate caving!* guy or gal?? I mean think about it, if you bring along a bunch of cave loving friends, who's going to save your bacon when s*it goes wrong right?? Maybe if these geniuses had brought along that anti-caving buddy, maybe he or she could've went for help when the pyscho traps them inside. Another problem with this movie is the sad attempt at a dramatic subplot. One of the characters lost his girlfriend in a caving accident a few years back, and to this day he blames himself partially for what happens, as do a few of the others when before the expedition, while sitting around a campfire, one of his friends spills the beans to everyone and they find out about the incident. Pretty much a dumb move considering you're going caving the next morning. Do you really want to freak everyone out with the notion that the lead caver on this little trip may or may not be a selfish killer who would leave you to die at the drop of a hat to save his own ass? Yep...definitely more along the lines of material to be used for discussion on the drive home. "The Cavern" really doesn't go anywhere with it's story and it makes the allegedly expert cavers too easy of prey for the *whatever it is* lurking within the cave system. They make dumb decisions, such as not using their caving tools as weapons against their enemy, and they even split up at one point. And there's even a scene where an attempt to set a trap for the *thing* in the cave goes horribly awry and ends up getting the guy who came up with the idea killed in the process. Yes...this movie IS that dumb people. Speaking of the thing in the cave, with how easily and stealthy it attacks and claims it's prey, you would think that it was some sort of super predator or monster from some unknown dimension, maybe even hell. But alas, the end revelation of what it exactly is just puts the finishing touches on one really lame, and horribly written cake. The flashbacks which attempt to explain the backstory behind the beast didn't even strike a chord with me. If you're ever in the video store and see "The Cavern" (aka WitHin) for rent, don't be fooled by the cool dvd art. Run like hell! Trust me, you'll regret it if you don't.

Pros:A very diverse cast.

Cons:Bad dialogue, poorly shot scenes that were too dark to see what was happening, a terrible script, and a shoddy ending to boot.

Overall:You've heard of must sees, well this film is a must avoid!

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