The Breed review

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[The Breed]
Plot:Two brothers, an athletic daredevil type, and a more serious type, go on a getaway to their Uncle's house. Soon, they find themselves fleeing a pack of vicious killer dogs aka "The Breed".

Cast: Michelle Rodriguez, Taryn Manning, Oliver Hudson, Hill Harper, Eric Lively.

My Thoughts:Great film.

Review:Most of the early opinions on "The Breed" weren't exactly very flattering, calling the film everything from crap to boring. I on the other hand though this film was really good, and most of all really intense. Best of all, it's a killer dog movie done right. The story begins with a male/female couple out on their boat, who come upon an island. Upon setting foot on the island, the woman decides to stray off by herself. A huge horror movie mistake as we all know. Meanwhile some silhouette's of the dogs on the island can be seen zipping by, preparing to attack the young woman. It isn't long before she's attacked and mauled by the vicious mutts, and drug off...leaving her boyfriend behind. Fast forward later on, 5 friends are en route by air to a cabin on that same island. "The Breed" has a really good, hip young cast which normally would work against a horror film since when choosing young actors, most of the time they get it wrong. However this time the casting was pretty solid. Michelle Rodriguez (Nicki), Eric Lively (Matt), Hill Harper (Noah), Taryn Manning (Sara), and Oliver Hudson (John)...all make up the 5 main characters of the film. Matt and John are brothers in the film, and writers Robert Conte and Peter Martin Wortmann made sure to keep the dialogue crisp and interesting between the characters by adding some dramatic elements to their relationships with one another. Although sometimes it does get a bit confusing amongst the two brothers and Nicki and Sara, since you really can't tell at some points in the movie which brother likes which girl. Then there's Harper's character who is constantly pining after Sara, but not in a subtle kind of way. The friction between the two brothers themselves, and the ever changing relationships between the two girls and the three guys help to keep the movie afloat until the bloodthirsty dogs make an appearance. One of the things that worried me about "The Breed" was the description of the dogs in early reviews of the film, which as opposed to how they might look on the poster, were revealed to be regular muttish looking dogs. But despite their usual everyday look, the viciousness and sheer bloodlust of these animals was more than enough to make them formidable and very entertaining antagonists, and the film really kicks into high gear when the 5 young people have their first encounter with the killer pooches. Another thing to like about "The Breed" is there isn't alot of useless exposition from the characters about what the animals are or what they're doing there. Keeping the situation more perilous and realistic. I think the decision to use regular dogs helped the film because the characters just assume they're a vicious pack of stray dogs that somehow managed to get onto the island, and thus there isn't any need for scenes where the characters banter about wild ideas as to what they might or might not be. As the action in the film increases, and one of the brothers uses a bow and arrow to take on the killer dogs, in one of the films many intense action scenes...the performances get taken up a notch as well. You really have to like how the actors involved step up their game when the film continually delves into it's most exciting moments. "The Breed" does fall into a few horror movie cliches though, most of which take place in the films overall story. Once the 5 characters come into contact with the dogs, they wind up trapped inside their cabin, trying to figure out what to do next. Then the film breaks down into a "Cujo" type of deal, just with a cabin playing the main centerpiece in the film instead of a car. To make matters worse, one of the girls has been bitten and begins to behave in an erratic fashion. This however is a plot point that goes absolutely nowhere due to the fact that the bitten girl exhibits simple bitchy behavior, and never really evolves into a raving lunatic, despite the films constant tease of such a development. There's also the numeric order in which the characters die, which plays out as one would expect and of course I can't forget those horrible one-liners such as "Give cujo my best"...which is uttered by Michelle Rodriguez's character when some of the dogs manage to trap her inside a burning building. But "The Breed" rises above all of this, and it manages to do so because of the dogs themselves...aka The Breed. They make every chase scene fun to watch, and even scary in some cases. The fact that these dogs also think, plot, plan, swim, and chew their way through anything and everything to get at their intended targets makes them quite a great pack of villains to watch on-screen. Although we don't learn much about them such as who's responsible for their genetic alterations, and how they managed to survive an apparent attempt to wipe them out many years ago by the same people who created them, that still doesn't harm the film too much. "The Breed" is a great horror film and proves that an old formula with talented actors and a lethal antagonist can still turn into 90 minutes of sheer enjoyment.

Positives:The vicious dogs, great performances by Manning, Rodriguez, Harper, Lively, and Hudson. The secluded woods setting also worked in the films favor to make some scenes a bit more tense. Great action scenes as well.

Negatives:A few really bad one-liner's here and there.

Overall:Worth seeing atleast once.

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