Subject Two Review

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[Subject Two]
Plot:High atop the world in his remote mountain cabin, Dr. Franklin Vick is engaged in highly unethical medical research. His field of expertise: resurrection. His test subject: Adam Schmidt - a troubled medical student who volunteers to be killed again and again in the name of science. Together, the doctor and his new assistant work in snowbound isolation, perfecting their death tactics before unleashing their discovery to the world. But there's a problem: Death has side effects.

Cast: Christian Oliver, Dean Stapleton, Courtney Mace, Jurgen Jones, Thomas Buesch.

My Thoughts:Not bad

Review:Normally horror films or the most recent horror films don't try and go too deep with their stories. They give us a spaghetti thin plot and then commence with the on-screen mayhem and carnage. "Subject Two" however dug deeper with it's story, much deeper than usual in fact. "Subject Two" tells the story of a med student named Adam who gets a mysterious e-mail offering him some sort of job opportunity. The email is very cloaky and doesn't tell him much, except where to go and what to do once he gets there. Upon arrival at the location, and quite a long trek up a hill, he arrives at his destination..a remote cabin high atop a snow-covered mountain. Inside he meets a secretive and shady man named Vick, a research scientist who's about to make Adam his test subject. Unbeknownst to Adam of course. "Subject Two" is more of a story and dialogue driven horror film than anything, if you're looking for blood and gore here, it's really not that prevalent in this movie. There are some bloody scenes, and a few stomach turning ones but nothing extremely graphic like you'd usually see in directo-to-dvd horror/thriller fare. The film also does a good job of not revealing itself too early as well. It begins with a struggle between two men, one of which being Dr. Vick, and the other a random guy (who becomes an important cog in the overall story later on). Once Adam shows up at Vick's cabin, Vick proceeds to strangle him to death after some short dialogue. See Dr. Vick isn't an ordinary doctor, he experiments in reanimation. Bringing people back from the dead only mentally and physically intact. The film unfolds in a very interesting way once Vick kills Adam and manages to bring him back. Adam, who we are given the impression is a loner by trade, soon begins to feel the painful side-effects of the deadly experiment prompting Dr. Vick to kill and reanimate him numerous times. But the catch to all of this is, everytime Adam is returned from the brink of death, he becomes less and less human, losing emotion and the ability to feel and becoming more and more adapt to killing without remorse. While this may all sound boring to view from a horror fans perspective, Philip Chidel who wrote and directed "Subject Two" makes things play out between Adam and Vick in a way where the viewer doesn't feel bored, neglected, or uninterested. It's also intriguing to watch the character of Adam played by Christian Oliver deal with this unwanted situation he was thrusted into. A varying array of emotions are displayed by his character throughout the movie, ranging from confusion and blind obedience, to a strong element of psychosis within act three of the picture. Dean Stapleton as the shady, evil Dr. Vick also gives the best mad scientist performance I've seen since Jeffrey Combs in "The Reanimator". His character also remains a mystery for quite awhile, as in the beginning despite his cold and brutal murder of Adam, sways the viewer into thinking he might be just a misguided scientist with good intentions, only to reveal himself as a mad doctor with a god complex later on. The film ends on a shocking note as well, using a surprising twist which does more to further enhance the story rather than hurt it and leave the viewer scratching his or her head. "Subject Two" isn't much in the realm of mindless violence, blood, and gore, but those who can appreciate a great story, and strong performance driven horror films will really enjoy this movie.

Pros:Good acting, strong story, great dialogue. The snowy mountains were also a great setting for the movie.

Cons:Nothing major except a good looking chick who shows up early in the movie should've gotten a few more scenes in the movie.

Overall:Great performance and story driven horror film which deals more with the monster on the inside, rather than on the outside.

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