See No Evil Review

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[See No Evil]
Plot:A group of delinquents are sent to clean the Blackwell Hotel. Little do they know reclusive psychopath Jacob Goodnight has holed away in the rotting hotel. When one of the teens is captured, those who remain -- a group that includes the cop who put a bullet in Goodnight's head four years ago -- band together to survive against the brutal killer.

Cast: Glen Jacobs, Jason Chong, Craig Horner, Trent Huen, Tiffany Lamb, Tim McDonald, Penny McNamee, Samantha Noble, Matthew Okine, Michael J. Pagan, Luke Pegler, Cecily Polson, Corey Parker Robinson, Greg Skipper, Rachael Taylor, Zoe Ventura, Christina Vidal, Steven Vidler, Michael Wilder.

My Thoughts:Good slasher movie with a few minor issues here and there

Review:So someone was sitting around the WWE's corporate offices brainstorming, and came up with an idea to stick a 7 foot wrestler who personifies a demonic, twisted, and evil human being as his wrestling persona, into a slasher movie as that same demonic, twisted, and evil human being. Only minus the wrestling attire and quadruple the blood and gore. After seeing "See No Evil" I have to admit, that wasn't too bad of an idea. "See No Evil" starts off nasty enough, with two police officers investigating a distress call at an abandoned hotel. They find a young girl there who's eyes have been completely ripped from their sockets, and they also find Jacob Goodnight (Kane), a 7 foot tall axe weilding monster. Jacob manages to completely 86 one of the cops and lops off an arm of the second officer before taking a bullet to the skull which puts him down for the count...(no pun intended). But his body is never found and while the assumption is he crawled off and died somewhere, of course we know that isn't the case. Now fast forward a few years later, some juvie kids are sent to the hotel to do some spring cleaning for the old woman who owns the place, in order to knock off a month from their juvenile hall stays. Joining them is the same cop who shot Jacob a few years back. The kids are your usual cliche bunch, the asshole, the flirty blonde, the black guy, the semi-geeky white kid, etc. One of the things to like about "See No Evil" is it wastes no time wreaking havoc once the kids arrive at the hotel. It isn't long before Jacob shows up, sporting a scar from the bullet in his head, and swinging a meat hook attached to a chain, looking for some fresh victims so he can pluck out their eyeballs. Yes, that's pretty much Jacob's M.O. in this film. While Freddy taunts his victims, and Jason stalks them for a bit, Jacob literally plucks out their eyeballs in what are some pretty excruciating scenes to watch. However, "See No Evil" does run into some problems early on. For one, the first 3 victims are dispatched of way too quickly. It's almost as if the director realized he was running short on film so he decided to speed up the death scenes immensely. Where in most slasher movies, the deaths are separated by 4 or 5 minute set up scenes, Jacob buzzsaw's through the first 3 victims pretty quickly before he slows the pace down a bit with the remaining 5 or so kids. The deaths themselves are gruesome but nothing really awe-inspiring or unbelieveable. But one thing to like about the character of Jacob goodnight is he knows what his most valued asset is, his strength. Which is what he uses to dispatch of most of his victims. People are grabbed by the throat and slammed upwards into ceilings, thrown through walls, dragged and slammed against walls, when they're not having their flesh ripped into by Jacob's huge chain-hook device. There's even a nastily nice scene involving an upside down girl and some dogs which I won't give away. "See No Evil" also knows exactly what it is, a flat out slasher flick. It doesn't try to dip it's fingers into any other sub-genre like the supernatural (even though there are some strong religious themes strolled throughout the movie)'s a slasher movie and it really revels in the fact that it is. But the film doesn't make it too easy for our huge violence loving friend Jacob as he has his fair share of trouble dispatching of the final 4 kids left near the end, which is where the film runs smack into another minor issue. While the common belief throughout is that Jacob is killing on his own, it's revealed that there's a guiding force egging him on which slows down the film, especially when we find out this persons M.O. is the old psycho-religious disease. I don't know how many movies are going to borrow the sin-obsessed murderer driven by doing what they think is god's work story arc. It doesn't work in this movie because it's not Jacob's own design, but rather the product of an abusive childhood. Still, when you get past the religious psycho-babble and the overly speedy deaths of the first three victims, "See No Evil" is a balls to the wall, unapologetic, fun, and very entertaining slasher film. They need to make films like this more often. They'd make some serious money if released at the right time, like when there's not a "Da Vinci Code" coming out on the same day.

Pros:Kane kicks ass as Jacob Goodnight, high blood and gore factor, a few likeable characters amongst the kids, the deaths were standard with one or two hints of originality thrown in to some of them.

Cons:The overall revelation of Jacob's motive fell flat because of it's basis. Also this film only clocked in at one hour and 15

Overall:If you're looking for plain and simple on-screen carnage and mayhem without the complicated plot, then you'll love "See No Evil".

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