Sea of Fear Review

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[Sea of Fear]
Plot:Two couples on a sailboat vacation have their worst fears come true. One by one each of the seven passengers aboard a sailboat cruise begin to disappear. A murderer is among them, or is it one of them? Or could it be the mysterious boat that is following them. There are rumors of modern pirates in these waters. Soon everyone will discover the truth or they will die trying.

Cast: Edward Albert, Katherine Bailess, Kieren Hutchison, Burgess Jenkins, Adam Mayfield, Christopher Showerman, Caroline Walker.

My Thoughts:Should've been re-titled to "Sea of Anesthesia"

Review:The box art for this film like most dvd covers can be very misleading. Seeing the box art makes one think there's some supernatural element to this film. Well there definitely is not! When the opening credits music started up I knew I was in for a very bad viewing experience. "Sea of Fear" involves your typical looking teens, in your typical sailing getaway, in your typical stylish thriller style. The problem is, there's nothing stylish about this film, which tries it's hardest to be "The In Crowd" & "Ripper Letter From Hell" on a boat. The movie has 5 friends and 2 other young people who decide to go on a sailing trip just for fun. This sailing trip, judging by their behaviors during the film seems to be enjoyable for them, but hell for the these characters are uninteresting and one dimensional. And watching them attempt to verbally battle each other about random minor bullcrap for 45 minutes is murder on the senses. It also doesn't help that all of these people, including veteran actor Edward Albert..are really bad actors. Of course director and writer Andrew Schuth makes sure to place two good looking women into the female leads just to keep any men watching the movie awake because the plot sure as hell isn't going to do that. Other than one of the kids stepping on a mysteriously misplaced knife on the beach, this film has nothing happening throughout a span of almost an hour. Then it decides to becomes a murder mystery in it's final 20 minutes or so...and a very poor one at that. First of all, in order to make act 3 into a bundle of chase scenes and whodunit questions, you have to set it up atleast a little. But nothing is set up in this movie, stuff just happens. Right out of the blue, and when the deaths in the film finally start to happen and the bodies begin to pile up, it just...happens. No possible motives, no possible suspects nothing of the sort. It's like Schuth just tells us "Hey people are dying and you have to figure out which one of the 7 people on the boat are killing everyone". Normally I would try and figure out who's responsible, after all I love a good murder mystery. But this film is so boring and flat that I spent the final 20 minutes just thanking my lucky stars that something exciting was finally happening. Especially since I was already on my way to snoozing on this one. The death's aren't anything special, as one would expect in a low budget film like this. They are standard murders you'd see in any shoestring budgeted thriller/horror pic that came on late one night on Showtime. As if things couldn't get any more pathetic, Schuth uses the old off-camera death trick to sucker in the viewer before springing the "I thought you were dead!" cliche into the spotlight when the films villain is finally revealed. But Schuth tries to add some more cleverness to that cliche by opening a pandora's box of disturbing secrets about one of the films leading ladies which results in a timid and bizarre knife fight between her and the films alleged villain. I say alleged because there's a twist that follows all of this which is even more stupid because of how what happens prior to the twist being revealed plays out. At the end, I threw my popcorn up in the air in joyful glee that this movie was finally over. Lame characters, a severe lack of entetainment value, and enough idiotic twists to shake a big stick at. "Sea of Fear" is probably one of the worst films you will see in 2006...that's if you don't take my advice and avoid it with all that is within you.

Pros:Good looking female leads.

Cons:Bad story, lack of entertainment value, horrible acting, pathetic twists, and hardly any blood.

Overall:Stay away from this picture!

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