Saw Review

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[Saw] (Plot:With a dead body laying between the two of them, two men (Whannell and Elwes) wake up in the secure lair of a serial killer who's nicknamed "Jigsaw" by the police because of his unusual calling cards.) (Cast: Leigh Whannell, Cary Elwes, Danny Glover, Ken Leung, Dina Meyer, Mike Butters, Paul Gutrecht, Michael Emerson, Benito Martinez, Shawnee Smith, Makenzie Vega, Monica Potter, Ned Bellamy.) (My Thoughts:This film was previewed and hyped as one of the scariest flicks of the year. However once it was over, I saw it (no pun intended) as the exact opposite.) (My Review:The film starts off with two men in a dark room, with no clue as to how they wound up there. Once they find a light switch, they discover they are in a sleazy looking pre-historicish and dingy bathroom. Right alongside the dead body of a man holding a tape player and lying in a pool of blood. Between seeing the numerous trailers, reading various plot outlines, and watching some of the online clips, it's pretty obvious from the get go this was how the film would intro. Basically this jigsaw killer is sort of a twisted judge, jury, and executioner so to speak. He abducts people who he feels haven't lived life to their potential, or take what they have for granted, and he puts them in these situations or games where they have to prove how badly they want to live by mutilating themselves or someone else. Adam and Dr Gordon are the two newest contestants on his sick gameshow. Dr Gordon soon is able to get an idea in his head of who is responsible for him and Adam being where they are. Gordon himself, was a suspect in the investigation of the jigsaw killer case awhile back, when his pen was found at one of the crime scenes. He explains to Adam what this guys all about, and what he might want with the both of them. Both have small cassette tapes in their pockets, which when played, explain why both men have been chosen by Jigsaw to participate in his twisted game. For Dr. Gordon however, the stakes are higher. If he doesn't kill Adam by 6pm, then his wife and daughter will die. Danny Glover plays a detective who along with his asian partner, is investigating the jigsaw killer. His story is shown in a sidestory and a couple flashbacks which eventually connect with the climax of the film much later on. Jigsaw gives Adam and Dr Gordon clues in his recorded message which both will need if they want to survive this game. Those clues lead to more clues. What stands out the most as the best thing in this movie, is how the killer operates, and the situations he puts his victims in. Hes a very intricate operator when it comes to his schemes. Glovers character is taken off the case when his obsession with catching jigsaw costs his partner his life. However, he doesn't give up the pursuit, and stakes out the Doctors house. He figures since Dr Gordons pen was found at the crime scene of one of jigsaws victims, that Gordon must play some role in all of this. The film plays out midways as a drama/thriller. However, what keeps you interested is the interaction between Dr Gordon and Adam. Both learn more about each other during their time as captors. and The more they learn, the more their mistrust of each other builds. Another thing that builds is the respect and value these men gain for life itself during their time of being captured. Especially Dr Gordons valuing of his wife, daughter, and his marriage overall. We learn that both have secrets, and these secrets are the reason jigsaw chose both of them. Both men try everything they can possibly think of to escape. One of the clues leads to the discovery of a package in a nearby toilet containing two saws. It's obvious however that neither of these saws are built to cut through the thick steel chains both men have around their ankles. But they try their damnedest to use them to free themselves. Both men are being watched as all of this takes place. This is another aspect of the story that kept my interest because Dr Gordons wife and daughter were being held at their apartment while Adam and Dr Gordon were being watched. Jigsaw couldn't possibly be in two places at once, which means he has to have an accomplice. The movie characterizes a jigsaw puzzle of it's own, due to the fact that it plays out like one When you think one thing is for certain, everything is flipped, and changed again, and it starts to look like anyone and everyone could be the villain or villains. This constant uncertainty inserted into every aspect of the story, sets up a brilliant climax to jigsaws game. Two seperate twists are tossed at us 5 to 10 minutes apart as the film nears it's conclusion. As well as one very brutal scene involving Dr Gordon as he tries to reach for a nearby ringing cellphone (won't spoil it for you). The biggest twist of all, comes at the very end, and it ties nicely into the story, from every monumental thing that took place between Adam and Dr Gordon, to the smallest and most mundane actions that took place earlier in the film, they all tie into the ending and it all makes sense. The ending doesn't really set up for a sequel, but it doesn't completely close itself off to the possibility either.) (Pros:This is a film which relied heavily on building tension and suspense, and it works, and keeps you wanting to watch till the end. The killer was also an interesting study. I also liked the twisted situations he put the victims in.) (Cons:The story lags a bit at times, and the whole creepy looking mask is sort of a downer when we find out it's not a mask at all but just a toy robot. The acting was a bit incoherent and subpar in some parts.) (Overall:A good thriller/horror, which is a bit thin in some parts, but still manages to leave the best for last with it's numerous twists, and at the same time, gives you just enough suspense and intrigue to keep the viewers interest till the very end. It doesn't come even close to being scary at all or as scary as it was advertised. But still worth a watch.)