Sasquatch Mountain Review

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[Sasquatch Mountain]
Plot:A lonely tow-truck driver gets caught in a deadly struggle between a pair of bank robbers with a beautiful hostage local cops, and a monster that has come down from the Arizona mountains to eat human flesh.

Cast: Lance Henriksen, Cerina Vincent, Michael Worth, Craig Wasson, Rance Howard, Frank Rivera, Karen Kim, Tiny Ron, Raffaello Degruttola, Tim Thomerson, Kate Connor, Melanie Monroe, Chris Engen.

My Thoughts:Too much mountain, and not enough sasquatch

Review:"Sasquatch Mountain" should really have kept it's older title, "Devil On The Mountain". Devil as in there's *something* lurking in the mountains that has it's sights set on killing people. Retitling it to "Sasquatch Mountain" emphasizes that there's a sasquatch on the loose in the mountains. The problem is, there's barely even a sasquatch in this movie! "Sasquatch Mountain" pits a group of bank robbers against some smalltown yokels with Cerina Vincent's character...a girl trying to get away from her old life caught in the middle. That's basically the jist of this movie, and our fury sasquatch friend shows up every 25 or so minutes to kill either one of the yokels or one of the bank robbers. This sucks mostly because the sasquatch was actually pretty fearsome looking, and would've made the film much more entertaining and scary if it was seen on screen as much as the sasquatch in movies like "Abominable". Instead, this movie tried to do something most horror films don't do, build strong characters and focus the viewers attention to the story. The problem with this is the story isn't really that strong, and the characters are exactly what you'd expect them to be..with very little originality included. The smalltowners are your typical hardnosed redstate types, and the bank robbers are your typical *the world owes me so I steal because of that*..types. Cerina Vincent's character Erin is a very intriguing young woman but the film doesn't bother to concentrate on cracking her character open and getting to the root of her issues until near the end of the film. The major problem with Michael Worth's script is it contains no real action or suspense. The bank robbers are interesting early in the movie but by the middle they've become so annoying that you just want mr. yetti to take them out so we can move on. Lance Heriksen and Tim Thomerson try their best with the lackluster script...Henriksen doing the best job as a single father who feels called upon to help the local authorities catch the brazen criminals. The action is few and far between, and the blood and gore is lacking, and if you want a successful movie you need to have either one or both of those working for you. The death scenes during those rare times the sasquatch does show up are really well done and pretty bloody, but the problem is there's not enough of them. As the film drags itself to a very boring climax, character reasoning doesn't kick in quite yet, and when watching movies like this one has to wonder with so many armed people...does no one ever consider aiming for the face when dealing with a huge 7 foot tall snarling beast? Of course this all comes before a very strange twist ending which carries a strong hint of predictability right along with it. "Sasquatch Mountain" is pretty much just an action film with a few yetti cameos. A unique experiment that could've worked...but failed because of bad dialogue and mostly uninteresting characters.

Pros:Cerina Vincent and Lance Henriksen give pretty good performances. The sasquatch was really fearsome looking.

Cons:Huge lack of sasquatch action, bad dialogue, mostly uninteresting, annoying, and boring characters.

Overall:Only worth a watch if you're a huge fan of sasquatch movies.

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