Santas Slay review

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[Santas Slay]
Plot:Santa Claus is actually a demon who lost a bet with an Angel, so he has to be the giver of toys and happiness for 2000 years. But when those 2000 years are up, he returns to his evil ways.

Cast: Bill Goldberg, Douglas Smith, Emilie de Ravin, James Caan, Robert Culp, Fran Drescher, Rebecca Gayheart, Kevin Gillese, Jeff Hanna, Chris Kattan.

My Thoughts:Good silly horror movie further enhanced by the fact that they killed off Fran Drescher at the very beginning.

Review:"Santas Slay" premiered on Spike TV the week before Halloween and to my surprise was a pretty entertaining flick.Now I know what you're thinking.Pro wrestler Bill Goldberg playing an evil fire spitting (more on that later),santa claus,hell-deer (his name for his reindeer),and Fran Drescher.Has all the ear markings of a bad movie right? Well not exactly.Mrs Drescher is taken out in the opening scene (sadly along with the ultra hot Rebecca Gayheart) when Santa comes down the chimney during a family dinner to deliver some christmas cheer in the form of impalements and mutilations in which SNL alum Chris Kattan also gets the brunt of.Bill Goldberg is the reason why this film is so much fun to watch,despite it's off the wall,and far fetched premise.Goldberg plays an evil santa really well without going over the top with his character or reciting any cheesey dialogue.The guys facial expresisons,and harsh loud voice make the evil santa character a very cool on-screen villain."Santas Slay" is more along the lines of a horror comedy rather than a straight up horror movie.But the comedy is black humor which borderlines on cruel rather than wacky and cheesey which could've ruined the film.Theres also some racial humor involving Rabbis who get arrested once the police discover some of Santas early victims which makes sense since Goldberg is jewish.Theres also a scene where Tiny Lister (Dracula 3000,Wishmaster 2) shows up as a store clerk and gives an explanatioin as to why hes residing in a small town which is...*Theres too much killing in the hood*.So why is santa going about this small town (A town called hell mind you) making life miserable for everyone by killing the locals? Well this movie puts an interesting spin on the Santa Claus mythos.Apparently santa was really a demon,who lost a bet with an angel.Upon which according to the terms of their agreement,for 2000 years,he had to spread joy and cheer on December 25th as opposed to his usual routine of killing and bloodshed.But now the 2000 year pact is up,and Santa has gone back to being naughty again.The kills in the film aren't necessarily bloody to the max but they are damn funny.One of which where Santa busts up a strip club and uses the stripper pole combined with an electrical wire to fry a guy,and another where it's implied that Santas hell-deer eats a guy.The film gives us the impression that hes visited this town just to do some damage which is true but theres also another reason why hes there,and thats to find and kill Nicholas (Douglas Smith) whos the descendant of the angel he lost the bet to.Smiths character and Emilie De Ravins character Mac,along with Robert Culp who plays Nicholases grandfather are really as good as it gets with the supporting cast.Everyone else is a walking cliche of smalltown life.The preacher who condemns all things sinful,only to turn up a few scenes later in a strip club,the redneck gun nuts,and of course the mean old lady who no one likes and eventually gets whats coming to her.But Goldberg as Santa makes us forget all about how untalented and expendable most of the supporting cast is.Santa eventually tracks down Nicholas which is where the film his it's comedical peak since it was a letter Nicholas wrote to Santa when he was a kid that enabled him to locate him.The films climax involves Santa chasing Nicholas and Mac all around town using everything at his disposal such as wrapped present grenades and even shooting a few fireballs from his piehole.As good as the films final half hour is a late twist regarding Nicholases grandpa manages to sour things a bit."Santas Slay" is as off the wall and silly as they come, but it's alot of fun.

Pros:Goldberg nails the evil Santa role,funny kills,prety good acting by Smith,Culp,and De Ravin,any movie that kills Fran Drescher early is a good thing.

Cons:Taking out Rebecca Gayhearts character at the beginning.It would've been cool to have actually shown the hell-deer eating the guy with the trucker hat rather than implying it.

Overall:One of those horror movies to just sit back and enjoy the sheer insanity,madness,and ludicrousness of it all."Santas Slay" is a mean spirited yet fun hour and a half ride.

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