Salvage review

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Plot:College student Claire Parker is stalked and killed by a serial murderer. Awaking alive and well, she assumes the whole affair to have been a grisly nightmare. When the awful scenario repeats itself a second and then a third time, she is forced to conclude that something supernatural is afoot. Enlisting the aid of her best friend, the local detective, and her reluctant boyfriend Jimmy, Claire must somehow break the cycle and piece together the truth a truth too horrible to imagine.

Cast: Lauren Currie Lewis, Cody Darbe, Chris Ferry, Maureen Olander, John P. Miller, Jess DeLong, Sam Dahler, John Briley, Joseph M. Colombo, Adam Morris, Maureen Wagner, Georgine A. Timko, Rodney Hupp, Brandon H. Chapman, Jeff Crook.

My Thoughts:Pretty damn good

Review:The premise of someone dying over and over again in a movie is always an interesting one, because it presents a really twisted and screwed up situation to the viewer to piece together. "Salvage" presents such a scenario, with a young girl named Claire who get's picked up from work by a stranger, and is soon brutally murdered by that same stranger when he uses the backdoor to slip into her house, moments after driving her home. Of course if you overlook the early and blatant stupidity of her character's decision to ride home with a total stranger who uses dialogue that even a kid would be smart enough to see through..the initial killing sets off a chain of events which culminate into one really good horror/mystery. The big issue of the movie is that Claire keeps seeing the man who killed her, Duke Desmond...and he keeps killing her over and over again. At different moments in her life. Of course upon sharing this info with her boyfriend he thinks she's nuts but one of the many thing's "Salvage" does right is pick a really talented actress in Lauren Currie Lewis to play the main character. Lewis gives a really believeable performance as the increasingly scared and confused Claire Parker, and another one of the things the film get's right is just that...having her being scared and confused. Normally in films like this, the lead male or female breaks the insane news to her friends, and they band together to solve some big mystery. But between Claire's very thin social base, and her responsibilities of work and school...she has very little tools at her disposal to solve this mystery or even try to do so too early in the film. This makes the viewer really feel he or she can sympathize with the Claire throughout the movie. Chris Ferry gives a good performance as well as Duke Desmond..the mysterious salvage yard worker who continually keeps murdering Claire in very graphic fashion. He's also the films big mystery...what's he all about? How many people has he killed? Why? And why does he keep killing Claire, and how is that all possible? As thin as "Salvage"'s cast is in the main character department, Ferry and Lewis manage to carry the movie just fine as the interlocking characters who keep meeting up in some very intense and suspenseful scenes. The great directing angles used by Jeff and Josh Crook and the perfect use of certain music during particular scenes also help to elevate "Salvage" above your typical weird supernatural horror fodder. The movie manages to keep going at a really fast and intense pace throughout, and when it simmers down in those usual dialogue filled moments, even the use of certain camera angles and method acting by Lewis manage to keep the viewer totally into the picture. But "Salvage"...while a wild ride from start to middle saves it's best twist for the final act, with a startling revelation that wasn't just slapped into the script by Jeff and Josh Crook for shock and awe effect...but as is a rare occurance with most horror movies...the twist actually made sense..and perfectly fit in with the previous events in the film. It's sad to say that such a thing is a rare occurance but it's true. Alot of horror film writers and directors these days love to stick in that twist ending for effect and confusion purposes. Totally failing to check to see if it makes any sort of sense when looking back on what has transpired throughout the movie. But the Crook's were very sure to make sure their twist ending fit perfectly in with past events. "Salvage" contains alot of elements from horror, to mystery, to thriller..and it plays on all of them very strongly. It's definitely one of the few diamonds in the rough that you'll find at your local video store in the horror section.

Positives:Great acting by the two leads Lauren Currie Lewis and Chris Ferry. Great directing by the Crook brothers. Great use of music to enhance certain scenes. Very strong script.

Negatives:The actress who plays Claire's mom Maureen Olander wasn't as strong a performer in her few scenes.

Overall:Good horror movie which is also a very smart horror movie as well.

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