Room 6 Review

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[Room 6]
Plot:A young woman is traumatized after a tragic accident kills her fiancee. The troubled young woman and a fellow victim trace their loved ones to a hospital which borders on a realistic/unrealistic existence.

Cast: Christine Taylor, Jerry O’Connell, Shane Brolly, John Billingsley, Kane Hodder, Chloe Moretz.

My Thoughts:Pretty good mindscrew.

Review:"Room 6" finally gives us a good horror entry from director Michael Hurst, after "House of the Dead 2" which was less than desireable. But to be fair to Hurst, in "Room 6" he had a much better cast to work with, which includes Christine Taylor, Shane Brolly (Underworld), and Jerry O' Connell. Part monster movie, and part psychological thriller..."Room 6" explores alot of different avenues provided by the surprisingly well done script. Taylor plays Amy, a school teacher who lives with her boyfriend Nick played by Shane Brolly. On their way to work, a vicious car crash takes place and so begins a trip into madness for Amy, as once Nick is taken away in a mysterious ambulance by EMT's who reveal no information as to where they're taking him..she begins to have vivid nightmares about horrific looking beings disguised as people. Jerry O'Connell's character of Lucas who was involved in the accident also has a friend taken away by these same EMT's..or so it seems atleast. Mark A. Altman and Michael Hurst do an excellent job of really keeping the strong mystery elements in this movie, and balancing them out nicely with the horror elements. Nothing is revealed too early, even when Nick arrives at the mysterious St. Rosemary's hospital where he's greeted by a creepy nurse, and is subject to continual taking of blood samples which he quickly realizes isn't exactly the normal hospital procedure. Still, the film holds it's ground, revealing very little but giving the viewer alot of potential maybe's and could be's. Christine Taylor is left to carry most of the film and does a very good job playing the often worried and sometimes distraught Amy, while Jerry O'Connell as Lucas shows up every now and then for emotional support..and eventually partners up with Amy to find out where the mysterious ambulance took her boyfriend Nick. There is however a twist involving O'Connell's character which I won't give away here. "Room 6" isn't exactly an extremely bloody movie..early on atleast. But what it lacks in large amounts of blood and gore, it makes up for with a strong story, and well placed jump scares, most of which come out of nowhere and are very they don't appear in places where they usually would. The film also has some pretty sweet cameos by Kane Hodder and Ellie Cornell. You'll have to look a little harder to notice Hodder's cameo though, but one does come early in the film. There's also an underlying subplot within the movie, involving Taylor's character and her father, which once again is a testament to the strong writing by Altman and Hurst, as this subplot is slowly strung along with the rest of the film, and connects to everything nicely near the end. The movie does try to pack in a bit too much though, with a second more sloppily put together subplot involving one of Amy's students and her connection to Amy and the mysterious creatures she's been seeing everywhere. Despite that though, "Room 6" does an excellent job of holding the viewers interest until the climax which picks up the pace and intensity very nicely, and really delves into the realm of horror with a bloody and twisted third act which most horror fans should enjoy. "Room 6" is a very solid horror film which takes alot of different elements and mixes them nicely, yet doesn't lose that horror movie edge for a second. Couple that with the better than average performances by most of the cast, and you've got yourself one film definitely worth picking up on dvd. I would consider this film Mark A. Altman's best writing work yet, which is long overdue in my opinion for a guy who penned "House of the dead 2" and "All Souls Day". Two of the worst zombie movies I've seen in awhile.

Pros:Good combination of mystery and horror elements, above average acting, decent amounts of blood anf gore. Great creature FX.

Cons:One subplot too many, The ending was a bit unfair I thought.

Overall:Whether you decide to rent or buy "Room 6", either choice is a good one.

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