Return of the Living Dead 5 review

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[Return of The Living Dead 5]
Plot:A continuation from "Necropolis"...Uncle Charles is killed by a zombie while attempting to unload the Trioxyn-5 chemical compound. The surviving kids from "Necropolis" who are now attending college, find a canister of Trioxyn-5 and try to figure out what it is and where it came from. Julian and Jenny are cautious but their other friends plan to develop the chemical compound into a party drug as part of a get rich quick scheme.Of course this does not bode well for all involved,as the new party drug called "Z" turns the ravers into flesh-eating zombies.

Cast: Aimee-Lynn Chadwick, Peter Coyote, Cory Hardrict, John Keefe, Jana Kramer, Jenny Mollen.

My Thoughts:Brings things to a satisfactory conclusion.

Review:"ROTLD 5:Rave To The Grave" continues exactly where part 4 (Necropolis) leaves off.Uncle Charles (in typical mad doctor fashion) manages to escape the facility with a barrel of the trioxin 5 compound.Of course it's not long before another outbreak of the flesh craving walking dead happens.With most of the cast of "Necropolis" dead,"Rave" has room for some new characteres,two secret agents with designs on tracking down the final samples of the T5 compound,2 new hot chicks,and a druggie teen whos related to one of the films new female leads.Aimee Lynn Chadwick makes her return in "Rave" but the film still keeps actor John Keefe at the forefront of things. This time around the surviving kids are still reeling from the events which transpired in "Necropolis" but Keefes character finds out that his mad doctor uncle has died which prompts hom to visit his uncs old digs where he stumbles upon the last 3 remaining barrels of the trioxin 5 formula.Only he doesn't know what it is exactly.He then visits his friend Cody to see if he can figure out what it is and when the substance tests out as giving a euphoria effect,Cody gets the idea to manufacture it as a rave drug despite Julians protests."Rave" pretty much sticks with the same formula as "Necropolis" but creates a more entertaining result with the usage of the ectasy drug which turns kids into zombies and as it gets bought and sold by more and more teens the zombie population rapidly grows into a full blown epidemic all culminating at the end at a huge rave party where the undead show up to feast on partygoers.Our new characters fill their roles pretty well specifically Razvan Opera as Darren and Jana Kramer as Katie,but the 2 agents get annoying by the movies final act.Rave" also has some very funny zombie attack scenes which are what keep the film fun and entertaining leading up to the climax that introduces the films tagline "Rave To The Grave".The zombie attacks don't change in style however as there are once again alot of zombie taking chunks out of the back of their victims heads scenes.The film wraps nicely and leaves a slight sliver of a chance that there might be a 6th movie."Rave" all in all is alot more fun to watch than "Necropolis" mainly because the supporting cast while not significantly better actors than the supporting cast of part 4,have a more lively screen presence.

Pros:Lots of gore and zombie carnage,likeable characters among those returning from part 4 and the new additions.

Cons:Two characters who I thought shouldn't have died did.

Overall:A fun continuation of "Necropolis" that doesn't suffer from major character shifts and avoids the pitfalls of a very thin plot.

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