Live Feed review

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[Live Feed]
Plot:Five young adults are about to find themselves in a fight for their lives, pitted against evil itself! While on vacation in a foreign city, one of the five makes a seemingly innocent albeit ignorant mistake and soon all of them will realize the cost of such an inconsequential action.

Cast: Mike Bennett, Randy Bird, Greg Chan, Stephen Chang, Mike Ching, Caroline Chojnacki, Jennifer Chow, Colin Foo, Ted Friend, Laion Lee, Hansen Li, Taayla Markell, Naoko Mikami, Giorgio Miyashita, Kevan Ohtsji, Johnson Phan, Patrick Pon, Rob Scattergood, Ashley Schappert, Lee Tichon, Anthony Towe, James Tsai, Phillip Tsui, Ronin Wong, Mike Wu.

My Thoughts:It's "Kill Bill" meets "Saw" meets "Hostel".

Review:From the sub-genre of "worst vacation ever" movies comes "Live Feed", yet another entry into the "american friends vacation abroad only to wind up dead" library. Although this one is much sicker than "Hostel", and will most surely kick the ass of "Turistas" which opens Friday. "Live Feed" follows a group of 5 american friends who are in Japan looking to have some fun. Since this movie is set in Japan, we get two japanese main characters in the movie who are the good guys. Emily, who is the fifth member of the 5 american group, and a mystery man who later turns out to be a cop. I give Roy and Ryan Nicholson who wrote the film (Ryan also directed it) -- alot of credit. They do an excellent job of seting up alot of calm before the storm. Besides that, they also do a great job of keeping the mayhem which is soon to ensue under wraps. You really never can predict what will happen next in the movie, or how the 5 kids will get themselves into a world of trouble. You just know somewhere in the back of your WILL happen eventually. Especially since a scene early in the film gives us the indication that there are some bad people lurking about Japan. Soon, what seems to be a typical accident caused by one of the american kids, leads to a night of blood, chaos, and death that no one who survives will ever forget. The Nicholson's also show some creativity with the script, setting interesting and unpredictable scenarios and situations up which lead to the madness. Once the group leaves a bar, and decides to have a little fun at a local strip joint, they soon find more trouble than they bargained for and learn that the club is actually set up as a front for people to view victims of torture and mutilation killings. What follows is a blood and gore lovers paradise. Alot of the things that I witnessed in "Live Feed" makes "Hostel" look pedestrian in some ways, which I never thought I would say considering in that film a girls eye is literally hanging by a thread from her face before it's snipped off and the wound starts oozing. In "Live Feed"...the torturistic scenarios are done with style but yet aren't missing the down and dirty sadistic nature that they're supposed to have in a film like this. The individuals involved in being at the helm of the bloodshed also aren't who you'd think they would be. In a film like this, you invision a band of psychos, one very intelligent kook, or some primative torture gang. But it's actually none of the above, which is yet another credit to the Nicholson's ability to put together a script that works outside the box and outside the norm, and isn't ever what you'd expect it to be. As if the bloody torture scenes aren't enough, the on point reactions of the actors involved heighten each scene, aking it more intense than the last. An especially good performance is turned in by asian actress Taayla Markell as Emily. Who starts off the movie as the sometimes quiet asian girl but soon emerges into the films leading lady and heroine as the movie goes on. The Nicholson's never get tired of pushing the envelope with "Live Feed" though, and even get into a little grotesque cannibalism close to act three which is certainly not for the weak at heart. Cannibalism is always of course grotesque but in this particular film, the Nicholson's manage to make it even more grotesque than usual...if that's at all even possible. Throw in some "Kill Bill" styled action scenes during the movies very exciting climax, and a huge butcher guy in a black mask who makes his presence felt from the moment he shows up on screen...and "Live Feed" is a very unique, satisfying, and overall exhilirating indie horror film. I was very impressed with this movie. In a genre where most indie horror movies seem like repetitions of the last indie horror film to be released..."Live Feed" offered up something very new to me as a horror fan. While it was obviously inspired by alot of other films that came before it, it still managed to take elements from those movies...and blend them together nicely to make it's own mark. I'm not sure if "Live Feed" will ever become a cult classic or become really popular with horror fans in an underground sort of way..but it wouldn't surprise me if it did.

Positives:Great acting by most of the cast, especially Markell. Lots of blood and gore. Very intense scenes and some really unique kills are all over the place in this movie.

Negatives:One of the cannibalism scenes was a bit too much for me.

Overall:Surprisingly good, and well acted.

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